Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bubbles. Bubbles. Bubbles

Just some cute bath pictures.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring time at Nana and Pa's

Last week the boys and I went to Pleasant Plains for a visit. Shannon was bringing Ruby for the family to meet and neither of my boys had met her yet. (I think someone else has pictures of the boys holding her). Also Pa was planting and I wanted to grab the opportunity for nice weather and tractor time for the boys. Aunt Morgan came with us as well so I had some help and company for the trip!

Kellen always has to go to the barn to visit all the machinary and Nana and Pa's. So I lugged my big belly and the boys up to the top of the combine so they could play in it for awhile.

One day during nap time Nana was mowing and of course Keagan being a short napper had some alone time with the mower! (I promised Nana I wouldn't put the picture of her and Keagan on the mower on the blog - it was quite cold and windy that day and it didn't make for nice pictures!!!)

Keagan wandering around with his silly hat. I wasn't prepared for the chilly weather we had the last couple of days and had to rummage around to find some warm clothes!

Mommy and Keagan playing on the mower.

I think I could sit here all day!!

Or swing all day!! Keagan does NOT like it when you get him out of the swing.

Kellen was admiring the robin eggs from atop the play house.
We always have so much fun at Nana and Pa's. Before we left mom found the picture of Morgan and I playing on the swing set and slide when Dad was building this for us. We were 4 and 2 and Kellen had a hard time digesting that I was once that little.

Planting Corn

Spring and Harvest are some of the best times to be at Nana and Pa's house. Even though we don't see Pa very much the boys get to spend some quality time with him in the tractors. I think when the boys are older they will have very fond memories of being in the fields with Pa.

I think this is the first official picture of Keagan and Pa together during planting. Last year he was still pretty young and I don't think I managed to take any pics.

Pa and Kellen

Pa showing Kellen where the seeds are.

I rode a couple of times with Keagan and he loved it as well. When I was in the extra seat Kellen would sit on the floor on the tool box - the exact place I use to sit when I was little.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Keagan's first bike ride

Keagan had his first experience with Daddy on his bike a couple of weekends ago. It's been awhile since he rode with one of them because Kellen decided it was too bumpy. Of course Keagan thought the exact opposite. He had an absolute fit when it was time to get out.

At first Keagan didn't mind getting the helmet put on.

But after Daddy adjusted it for the third time he was ready to call it quits.

Daddy and Keagan enjoying the nice weather and a ride. Keagan was so happy. He loves doing anything that involves being outside.

15 months

Keagan - you have grown so much this past month! Yesterday at your 15 month check-up you caught up weight wise to your big brother!!! You are now 26 pounds!!! I can't believe that - actually I do because I'm the one who carries you all the time!! You are also 32 1/4 in tall. You aren't off the charts percentile wise but you are definitely above average in your height and weight.
I took the opportunity yesterday to photograph you doing your favorite thing: eating/snacking. You had just woken up from your nap and for some reason I didn't feel like putting you in your high-chair this time. So of course Bailey had to join you. You loved it.

"I promise I didn't give him anything!!"
You are walking extremely well now and are trying hard to figure out how to run sometimes. You are climbing and exploring like crazy! You are definitely a mama's boy....which I love and dislike at the same time. I feel bad leaving you places because you cry so hard for me but sorry buddy - mommy's need time alone sometimes! You express your dislikes and likes with some pretty good hollers and facial expressions. You can say an assortment of words such as: ball, mama, dada, light, out, go, up, uh-oh, more, dog, bow-wow, bye-bye, and hi. Most of these words it is only me and daddy who understand but there are some words that you can say very clearly. In only a few short months you're going to be a big brother. I can't wait. You did very well the other day when I had Ruby in my arms! I think we need to work on the word GENTLE though!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What a sleeper!!

On any given day during nap time you may find Kellen in one of many bunk, bottom bunk, in a tent, in a tunnel, on my bed, in a fort, on the floor in the middle of a puddle (of leggos). Or......underneath his bed on an upside down trampoline.

I tell you what..all the above are true and fascinating to me because I would rather be in my bed but Kellen is an adventurous sleeper. This above picture actually gave me quite a scare because one day when Karsten was post call and home for the afternoon he went into Kellen's room to check on him. He came out and asked me where Kellen was. I told him that he was in his room sleeping. I of course doubted my husband looked all that well so I went in and looked for myself. We could not find him anywhere!!! My heart was beating so hard because I immediately thought he had been abducted from his bed! Finally it dawned on one of us to look under his bed and there he was. Kellen also attempted to sleep there again that same night but I told him he would be too sore in the morning. He didn't argue and I put him back on his real bed. I will now remember to check in odd places before freaking out next time!

We've got a climber

Recently Keagan has discovered the art of climbing. He hasn't tried to climb out of his crib but he does try to climb everything else. I wasn't expecting it because up to this point he didn't seem very adventurous. I think he still has to think about it which is good. Some caution is good!

I actually caught him in the act.

Look at me everyone!!

Look what I did!!

Uhm what's that mommy?? You watch me scale the kitchen set and then tell me to get down???
Brother has been clapping for me the whole time so I'm not sure what the problem is??
The other day the boys and I were outside and I had quickly ran inside to find the new bubbles. When I got back outside Keagan was standing on his picnic table. My heart was in my stomach because their table is on a concrete patio. I was very proud of him for climbing all by himself but was nervous at the same time. I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds for us...climbing and all.

Our little helpers

WOW! I'm really behind on my blogging! So I'm going to attempt to blog several this afternoon!!!

Several saturdays ago we decided we would wash our cars ourselves. It was so nice outside and the boys loved helping. It was a little difficult from keeping Keagan from eating the turtle wax soap but other than that it went well! I will let most of the pictures speak for themselves.

Let me tell you...the tires got REALLY clean!!

So at this point Kellen was supposed to be having rest time in his room. We had changed him into dry clothes and put both boys in their rooms.....but someone kept peeking out his front bedroom window! Karsten and I were out front and Karsten was getting ready to wax his truck. Kellen kept opening his blinds and knocking on the window and waving at his daddy. I think he was just so excited to see him and really wanted to help him. So we let him help and after he was tired of waxing he pretended to spread fertilizer on the grass. He had a great day.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fort building 101

Last weekend Karsten and the boys made a fort one evening. I shouldn't say one evening...we do it every night practically. But this one was the big one. This is Kellen's favorite activity in the evenings and most nights Keagan has already gone to bed by this time but they both got to enjoy this special fort.

This fort required all the pieces of furniture in our living room as well as every pillow and blanket we could find.

The finished product.

Keagan posing proudly.

Kellen posing too.

playing chase

tickling and tackling

and of course what is a fort without camping out in it!

Kellen the next morning.....with Bailey. Kellen slept all night by himself and didn't make a peep. Sometime during the night Bailey snuck out from under our bed and snuck in with Kellen. He loves to sleep with Kellen esp. when he is on the floor.
The past few nights we have made and I quote "a fantasy fort" and a "doggie house fort for the dogs" and a "jumping fort." They all have different names and functions obviously but I love seeing Kellen's imagination at work. Now he just has to improve on the "putting away all the pillows, blankets, cusions...." kind of fort!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter started out with the traditional morning of hecticness (is that a word?). I always have these grandiose ideas of doing all these things PRIOR to church. Karsten and I had already planned we would do the easter egg hunt after their naps. SO I figured we would be able to get everything else done and be at church early. We did make it on time though!
The boys first woke up to their Easter baskets on the kitchen table.

They really enjoyed all the goodies inside....especially

the chocolate easter bunnies. I think Kellen was hungry. They did get one piece of chocolate before breakfast.

I saw this chomping dinosaur at Cracker Barrel....of course Kellen was very surprised to see it in his basket.

Keagan loved the pinwheels.

and Daddy read them the Easter story out of one of their new books - all before breakfast.
I made buscuits and gravy (Kellen's favorite) and then we all hurried and got ready for church.
We didn't get to pictures before church of course. So when we got home I wanted to try and get a family picture - well the battery was dying and the boys wouldn't cooperate by that time so I gave up. These will have to do.

Later we hunted easter eggs........

Then we went on a long Gator ride and spent a lot of time outside.
Thank you Lord for my wonderful family and for dying on the cross for us! We are so blessed.