Friday, April 27, 2012

Ice Cream Truck

The boys have always wanted ice cream from the ice cream truck.....

So one day when it came by I obliged.  I told them it was a special treat and that we weren't going to get ice cream every time the truck came by.  They got to share one thing (for one, it was too close to dinner, and two, those things are expensive!).  I know I know - I'm a party pooper.

They chose a GIANT popsicle

The best treat of all was the fact that the driver asked if the boys wanted to come inside.

Kade had been sleeping when the ice cream truck came.  When he came out Keagan tried to explain all that had happened and told Kade that he had to wait his turn.

He WAS NOT Happy!

After a few licks he found bigger and better things 

The boys didn't even finish the popsicle so I was glad that I didn't waste 3.00 on another one! Anyway, I'm glad they got to experience the ice cream truck.  Living in the country has it's positives but one of it's downs is definitely no ice cream truck stopping by!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter 2012 and Kade at 21 months

 Well, Easter this year was not in its traditional form for us.  On Good Friday we closed on our new home in Mt. Carmel and started working on it right away.  We figured since we drove 2 hours there, we might as well get started.  I was torn however - because it was Easter for goodness sakes!  I had outfits for the boys, Easter baskets, and of course I wanted to go to Church.  

My mom was coming on Friday to help out with the boys and to help with the house.  I will say we got a lot done but Easter passed in a blur.  Fortunately, I had their Easter baskets for them when we got home Sunday evening and we had a Easter service of our own.  So I don't have any good family pictures of us all dressed up, no precious pictures of the boys in their Easter - post sugar - get up....but I do have good memories of a new chapter in our life.  I have to realize sometimes I just need to go with the flow and I'm sure glad the boys don't hold it against me.  

When we got home, the boys were still in there "play/work" clothes and weren't the cleanest, but they still had a good time exploring their Easter baskets.

I made each of the boys a book titled You are the only you there is 
Each of them have a book made for just them - and pictures of themselves.  

They love looking at the "Me Books" as Keagan calls them.  

I was so preoccupied with everything that was going on, I didn't take 21 month pictures of Kade - Sorry Buddy!!  I'll try harder next month.  You are such a big boy - you make my heart melt! I love you!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and was able to reflect on what Christ did for us.  Happy Easter!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Some time away

I hardly ever post about my hubby and myself....especially together at the same time!  Karsten had a conference in Pensacola back in March (yes, I'm a month behind) and I tagged along with him.  WITHOUT the kids.  I was torn about whether or not to take them.  I wanted them to go but the thought of me - by myself -  at the ocean with three kids who cannot swim,  was overwhelming to me.  

So Karsten and I enjoyed some much needed time away together.  We really have not gone anywhere since Kellen has been born that was more than a night or two away.  

Foley, Alabama was about 40 minutes away so I told him we HAD to go to Lambert's restaurant.  He had never had a roll thrown at him before and I thought he needed to experience that!

The view off our balcony

We stayed at Margaritaville Hotel.  It was really neat and of course was all Jimmy Buffet themed. 

I was actually glad that the boys didn't come...the ocean water was too cold and it was pretty windy too.  It was nice enough to walk around though.

I took the pictures of the crab and this little shrimp (I think) just for the boys.  They would have been thrilled to see this.

Overall we had a great time.  I missed the boys after a few days and I was ready to come home but at the same time I enjoyed the peace and quiet.  It's such a catch 22 you know? You want the quiet, but when it's here it's too quiet and you would give anything to hear their loud laughing voices again.  But for myself, I need some time away once in awhile to be a better mother: to have a fresh perspective and a renewed thankfulness for what God has blessed me with!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Preschool Spring Fling

A couple of weeks ago, Kellen's preschool had their annual spring carnival/fundraiser.  They had a silent auction,  face painting, food, goodies and all other kinds of activities. It was just a nice evening of family fun and a source of advertisement for the school.

The Saluki dogs came for a visit and much to my surprise Kade was scared of them!

Our neighbor Gracie came with us.  I'm actually glad she came because she was a big help with the boys.  The activities were all indoor, but they were still running around like crazy people.

I'm not sure if this video will play or not, but it is a clip of Kellen playing the piano.  His teacher has been having lessons with them a day or two a week and Kellen loves it.  They taped the kid's "recital" before the carnival and had this rolling clip for us to watch at anytime during the carnival.  Ms. Susan said that Kellen caught on very fast and that he should take piano lessons.  I was actually surprised myself that he could play two short songs by memory at home.

Keagan was super excited about the face painting.  In fact, the temporary tattoos on his arm lasted WAY longer than a temporary tattoo should!

They had a "stuff-animal" walk instead of a cake I need another stuffed animal in this house.  I'm not sure how many we came home with, but they will find new homes very soon.

Keagan showing off his tattoos on his arm

If you can't tell what the picture is, it's a "house builder."  His drawing and attention to detail has grown exponentially this year!  I wouldn't be surprised if he does end up becoming an engineer or builder of some sort.  He loves looking at house drawings and loves construction.  

We had a great time and ended up winning an array of items from the neighborhood co-op grocery.  I never win anything and it goes to show you I never will.  We were the only ones who bid on the item! Ha.

We had a great time and if you know of anyone needing a preschool in Carbondale, this is a great school.