Saturday, October 29, 2011

Murphysboro Apple Festival

Awhile back we took the boys to the apple festival.  Another run of the mill carnival but the boys had a good time.  They each got to pick several rides and then we filled up on greasy carnival food. 

Kade was mesmerized

They each went down the bouncy house slide

And of course the flying Dumbo.

They begged for more rides but I can hardly stand paying $4 a piece for a one time slide! It's highway robbery if you ask me!

Either way they had a great time and we enjoyed watching them have a good time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It has begun...the shuffling of a child to and from games, practices, activities, name it.  BUT I'm determined to not be an over-scheduled family. Good thing this was only 5 weeks! :-)

Kellen was VERY unsure of himself when we started soccer.  He cried when we went to his first game and I was sure that he would be the one sitting on the sideline crying the whole time.

However, much to my surprise, he snapped out of it and played every game the whole time.  I had explained to him that if he really didn't like soccer then I would not make him play. BUT we had signed up for it and we were part of a team - and his teammates were counting on him. 

He actually scored several goals throughout the season.  I was just excited for him because he tried something new and most of all had fun.

They received tickets after games so they could retrieve snacks from the snack store.

The best team member was little Meredith.  She was the only girl on the team (there was only 4 players) and she probably scored 90 % of our goals.

We really had a good time watching them all play.  They are so cute and animated....and not too competitive yet either. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to School Bash

In Late August our church put on a back-to-school-bash.  They had all kinds of carnival food and blow-up toys.  The boys love bouncy houses and slides so they hit those pretty hard....and for once we didn't have to pay every time one of them wanted to slide down!
Kade wanted to be just like the big boys and slide down by himself.  I've been trying to post a video but it's not always working.


You want me to do what? Keagan was so excited to climb up the slide...but when he got to the top he started second guessing himself.

It was soooo hot that day.  This was in the evening and it was so blistering hot Kade's sweaty feet kept sticking to the slide. He would put his feet down and stop halfway down the slide.

The big boys got to have their face painted.  Keagan chose a spider.

And Kellen a Rainbow.

My caged animal....literally.  Keagan loved the bouncy house the most.  He was in it every chance he could get.

They also had a dunk tank and several other things.  The boys got to dunk the youth pastor which was pretty funny. 

Well, I'm slowly getting caught up.  Our computer died so I'm retrieving all these old picures from the backup they gave me....I'm almost there!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The new "fantasy fortress"

A couple of months ago (yes, I'm way behind) we finally found our way to the Boo Memorial Park in Carbondale.  We had heard about this park and how neat (and huge) it was but I needed to wait until Daddy could go with had been rumored that it was easy to get lost here....and it's definitely true. 

The park was donated by parents who had lost their young boy in a tragic accident.  He was a huge fan of "fantasy and castles/dragon" name it.  So they went all out.  I didn't take very many pictures because I was too busy trying to find the boys. 

The entire ground is covered in what I called chocolate sprinkles but are actually recycled and shredded tires.  It was really nice to walk and play on and definitely beats mulch or pebbles. 

The entire park looks like a GIANT wooden castle.  The entire thing is a maze with itty bitty hiding places and twists and turns.  Around a corner you may find a dragon in chains or a pirate in prison.  Kade enjoyed peeping through the cracks at his brothers.
Kade had not been walking very long when we came here.  He definitely had a hard time picking up speed.

The giant dragon seemed to be a favorite climbing obstacle.

On the dragon's head.

We had a great time.  But I don't think I can go by myself yet - I just need an extra pair of eyes to help me find the boys in all those hiding places.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kade at 15 months

Kade has had a busy month.  I cannot believe how "busy" he is.  He is into everything.  I think he may be my busiest yet.  Kade has really developed an independent personality this past month and thinks he can do anything and everything he wants to.  He is quite persistent as well. 

This past weekend Karsten and I went home and then on to Chicago for the Chicago Marathon.  We left the boys with my parents for a couple of nights and enjoyed some time alone.  It was soooo quiet to say the least!

But first we got some more combine time in.  The boys absolutely love it.  We may hold the record in how many people can fit into a combine.  Dad, Karsten, and all three boys in the above picture. 

Kade really loves to be outside and of course anything to do with tractors and trucks. 

He is learning how to keep his trains together but boy oh boy when they come apart....whew! The screaming out of frustration is about to get to me!

His George the Giraffe lovey is his best friend but he's also starting to develop a love for anything stuffed. 

Dear Kade, You are all boy!  You are trying so hard to keep up with your brothers.  You try to run but fall a lot when you try.  You also have an obsession with walking out to the street from our driveway.  I cannot turn my head for a second.  I think the appeal is that you always know I will come chasing after you. 
You also learned how to blow your nose this month.  It surprised me that you could do it.  But the gross thing is you won't wait for a tissue.  You'll just start blowing your nose with nothing there to catch it accept your hand - ew -- gross!  Even though you're on the move you are still my best cuddler.  Love you Buddy!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to build a fire

I honestly think if we gave the boys a few more tools, they would be able to build a fire from scratch.  I'm not sure if this is a good thing considering their ages right now. 

Step 1: Gather sticks

Step 2: Sprinkle dry leaves on top of sticks

Step 3: Break off some more dried sticks and leaves

Step 4: Discuss whether you have enough

Step 5: Ask Mom if she has fire.  (AKA lighter or matches). 

I told the boys that we couldn't make a fire this close to the house.  They were pretty sad that I actually wasn't going to let them burn something at 10:00 in the morning.

They helped Daddy build a fire this weekend at Nana and Pa's house in the Secret Garden.  I think they are now satisfied for awhile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Following the leader, the leader, the leader.....

When one goes up a ladder...the rest must follow!

Daddy accidently threw a ball up on the roof...

So naturally they had to go find it. 

I was a little nervous about Kade going up the big ladder but he was bound and determined to do it.  Keagan was second guessing himself.  I was just glad no one fell and cracked their head open on the concrete below.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Check the shower

Karsten: Where is Kade?
Me: I don't know....check the shower.

There are all sorts of odds and ends in our cabinets and drawers in our bathroom.  So of course Kade is attracted to those odds and ends...especially travel sized shampoos, lotions, etc. that Karsten insists on keeping.  

But lately Kade has moved on to bigger and better things.  The shower.

At random times we will find Kade playing in our shower.  He absolutely loves it and will pitch the biggest fit when I tell him he has to get out.  I think it's the door he is most attracted to...and of course the ability to get soaking wet when we are about to go somewhere. 

A day later Karsten and I repeated the same conversation as I was fixing dinner.  He had just arrived home from work and said "hey - where are the little boys?"
Me: Check the shower.

And there they were.  Having a grand old time.

Kade was trying to figure out what the holes were for at the bottom of the shower and Keagan was singing on the bench in the shower.

Um Mommy - no girls allowed!

So much for buying toys - we really don't need them!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sock Boy

Keagan loves "mittens."  He usually makes them out of Daddy's socks and tonight was no exception.  I just finally took some pictures of him in action.

Keagan was "going to work" with his work "gloves" and tool box

This is one of my favorite pictures of Keagan.  It's just a genuinely happy little guy....

These pictures just do not depict his imagination very well.  These socks entertained him for a good hour!