Friday, December 28, 2012

Disney - part 2

I will just say this: blogging about Disney makes me feel disorganized. I'm not sure how to post all these pictures to describe how much fun we all had.  It just doesn't do it justice. So, I'm all for randomness now.

I could not wait for the boys to go on the jungle cruise at Magic Kingdom.  That, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse were 3 of my most favorite rides when I was little. They are still there but a little or a lot different.  They didn't appreciate the cruise or the tree house like I thought they would.  Oh well - maybe next time.

Disney '12 (23)

Disney '12 (22)

Disney '12 (47)
Minnie Mouse was the first character that Keagan was able to meet.  He was so excited but then got spooked once he was next in line.

Disney '12 (90)
Monday evening we went to Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort.  They met I think 5 characters that night. I love HK's face!

Disney '12 (73)
four of the goofballs with Goofy!

Disney '12 (27)
Parades are on all the time.  Each one is so different and magical.  They really put their all into each one.  

I will continue to post about these....hopefully sooner rather than later.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Disney Trip

Well, we finally made a trip to Disney World and I am finally blogging about it!! 

Although, my camera is the worst camera I have ever owned, so the quality and number of pictures is pretty sad for such a big trip.  
We went Oct. 28-Nov. 2 - yes, over Halloween!

We went with our friends the Oldhams and without both of our 2-year-olds! I missed Kade, but once we got there I was glad he wasn't!  We were able to do so many things that we couldn't have otherwise.

344 - Copy
Kellen and HK enjoying the plane ride together

347 - Copy
Daddy and Keagan just chillin'

Disney '12 (9)
This is the only picture I have of anything about our Hotel.  We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside - and that picture is about the equivalent of our time spent inside the room.  Nil.  
We have learned our lesson

Disney '12 (12)
Disney is truly a magical place.  The details and friendliness of everyone is so magnificent.

Disney '12 (13)

348 - Copy
The boys in front of the castle.
I don't even think the boys really knew what to expect.  I had tried to show them things on the computer or pictures about Disney but they really weren't able to grasp the magnitude of it.  

We really had a good time but I will say I'm glad we went during this time of the year.  We had to pull Kellen out of school but the lines are not long at all and the weather is nice.
  I will be attempting to blog more of this trip the rest of this week.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beauty Bath

This is what happens when Mommy goes inside for 2 minutes....and leaves Daddy to monitor...

I knew the boys were playing in the extra large dirt pile by the pond.  I had already warned them that I was not going to let them change clothes either - at least not until they were ready to come inside.  I was attempting to pack and catch up on laundry before our Disney World trip and I REALLY didn't want extra laundry to do.   

The boys obviously had gotten a little muddy while playing in the dirt pile and they wanted to wash their shoes off.  Yeah right.  They wanted to get soaked.

I went inside for a few minutes to check on Kade, who was still napping.

And this is what I saw when I came back out...Keagan completely submerged in a mud bath, with his clothes on and Kellen completely naked...(I will spare you those pics).

fall '12 063

fall '12 065

fall '12 064

fall '12 066

fall '12 067

So if you are wondering whether or not I gave in and gave them new clothes.....I will have you know I DID NOT give in...Daddy made them go naked out by the woods and hung the muddy wet clothes out by the fire.  Good thing we live in the country!  The clothes dried pretty quickly and they had fun doing what boys like to do.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

field trips and pumpkin patches

The month of October was filled with several field trips.  I was so excited that I was able to go with all 3 boys.  
I have always looked forward to the days that I would be able to go on field trips with my children.  

The first trip was Kellen's Kindergarten class to a pumpkin patch about an hour away.  We took a bus and tried to occupy the kids the best we could. 

Kellen and his friend Braden
I got to share my bus seat with these 2 houligans!!

Kellen with several classmates.  There are 14 in his class.

All the moms split up and took 4-5 children each to watch over.  It was a little difficult since there were so many activities to do.  

All the kids got to pick their own pumpkins

Preschool and Kindergarten combined

The following week Keagan and Kade's preschool class went to a different pumpkin patch.  

They loved the "train" ride pulled by the 4-wheeler

Kade LOVED the pumpkin sling shot
(that is one of Kade's teachers...miss Kendra)

We ended up not carving pumpkins this year.  Kade ended up picking a pumpkin that was the size of his hand, Keagan's was green, and Kellen decorated his at they were a little difficult to carve.  Then we went to Disney over Halloween! So things were a little crazy around here and I was a tad bit preoccupied.

I did love spending time with their classes and getting to know some of their friends.  I feel blessed that I had this opportunity with them.  

Happy Fall!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Burnin' Brush

Sigh.......See this pile? This is nothing...this is actually progress!  This is what our weekends for the past 6 weeks have consisted of....

All five of us picking up all these sticks and leaves (and any surprises lurking beneath) and burning, burning, burning....

The boys take frequent breaks!

We have made our boys into pyromaniacs to say the least.  

However, we have been having lots of fun having friends over for wiener roasts! We have smore's and hotdogs about every weekend now. 

To give you a little more information, our driveway is lined with Bradford Pears.  I use to LOVE these trees. Now they are a thorn in my side.  Since July 1st, we have had two major incidents with these trees - aka wind.  These trees do NOT like wind. Nor ice or snow for that matter.  We constantly are picking up fallen limbs and trees - hence the reason for our unending brush pile. 

The boys really like messing around out there and are a big help most of the time.  They have come to enjoy this "work" and I'm thankful for that.  It's much better than sitting inside watching tv all day. And let's face it - we will be inside a lot over the next coming months so we are trying to soak as much outdoor time in as we can.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What is it about rain, mud, and boys? 

My boys LOVE mud.  Every time it rains the boys ask if they can play out in it.  Unfortunately, it is not always good timing...or it's lightning or too cold.  This particular day was just a nice light rain with no lightning  so they stripped down to their undies and went at it.  

They were just taking big buckets of water and making puddles where there were none.

Then Kellen started the mud fight.  Kade started gagging but thought it was hilarious at the same time.  I was dying laughing because he was just gagging the whole time!

Keagan didn't care for it in his face and eyes.

Yeah for days when we have no where to go and they can have fun like this!  I did tell Karsten that we needed an outdoor shower though!!!  I made them go through and shower in the pool house first before they were allowed back inside.