Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning/day was bittersweet. We had a wonderful time but had 2 sick boys. Kellen was okay in the morning but by lunch time he had a 102 temp. Despite being under the weather Kellen was pretty excited.

Waiting anxiously to see what awaited him under the tree.

Keagan and baby Anderson received sock monkeys that mom had made them.

Kellen recieved a grain bin set and hauler...both the boys we're excited about that.

Keagan's new piggy bank from Aunt Morgan and Uncle Luke

Kellen posing by his machine shed that Nana and Pa made him. He LOVES it and now has a parking space for his farm toys.

Later that evening we went to Great Grandma Dudley's. It was quite different this year without Grandad but we have wonderful memories of many Christmas' with him. Mom and Shannon made quilts out of Grandad's shirts and pants and I think everyone really liked them and were surprised as well.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Christmas Eve

We had a busy week the week of Christmas. Nana and Poppa Slater bought a house and closed on the 18th and worked very hard so they could have Christmas at their house. They did a lot of work prior to us getting there and then Karsten helped them move some more stuff when we arrived in Springfield tuesday.
Kendra, Doyle, Preston and Bennett arrived wednesday evening. Karsten's brother and his family live in springfield so ALL of us were there together wednesday night into Christmas eve morning. I know the older kids had a great time hanging out together. Unfortunately both my boys were sick and didn't feel too well.

Keagan admiring the Nativity

Kaylee, Bennett and Doyle singing and Butch.....I think snoozing! :-)

Aunt Toni and Keagan bonding over a bottle.

Keagan opening his first tractor set.

Kellen received a dragon castle....something he had been admiring for awhile at the toy stores.

Keagan recieved an absolutely adorable hat from Peru from his Aunt Kendra.

Keagan attempting to cooperate with listening to the Christmas story.

Daddy and his boys on Christmas Eve. I'm just sorry that they didn't feel better.
Also on Christmas Eve Dale hired a photographer (my sister) to take pictures of the Slater family. We had a wonderful time together and are very thankful we were able to see everyone!!

11 months

It was such a busy time this week when you turned 11 months that I did not sit you down and take a picture of you! I'm sorry!! We have plenty of Christmas that will have to do.

Anyway, to record what you are now doing at 11 months I'll write this short post anyway.

You finally started clapping while we were away this week for Christmas. Also you started to get brave and stand by yourself without holding on to anything. (That's according to my parents....we were out and of course things always happen.).

You are a pro at climbing upstairs. You haven't figured out how to get back down though. Our parents houses make us nervous with all those stairs!!

You are now only taking 2 bottles with formula. I'm giving you whole milk starting this week during lunch and late afternoon.

You still have quite the little personality. You love to scream and be noticed.

I can't believe you'll be 1 in a few short weeks....better get that birthday party planning started!!!

Christmas at home

We celebrated Christmas at home the Saturday before actual Christmas Day. Fortunately the boys are young enough they don't know the difference.

The morning of our Christmas Kellen comes into our room with the empty plate of cookies for santa. He said "Mommy look!! The cookies are all gone! Someone ate all of them!!" I had to remind him that it was santa and his reindeer and that it was okay.

Christmas morning before opening their gifts.

Keagan and his precious surprise face. I think he was most excited about the fact that his very own new crocs were clean and that meant he could chew on them!!

Kellen with his breakdown train.

I see you Keagan......trying to sneak that candy cane while your brother is trying on his crocs.
We had a wonderful Christmas morning together as a family. It's so nice to wake up to the innocent joy and wonder of Christmas with little ones around.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting ready for Santa

We are celebrating Christmas early this year because of traveling to Springfield. So last night was our Christmas Eve. I still don't think Kellen really "gets it" but he definitely knows that it is Jesus Birthday.

Kellen and Keagan posing by the cookies for Santa.

We made cookies for santa last night. Kellen thought he would really like some more sugar cookies so that's what we did.

Kellen wanted to show he was "3" this year at Christmas.

Yesterday morning we all went to the mall in anticipation to see santa. We got to the line and Kellen did NOT want to see him. He said "I will cry when I sit on Santa's lap." So we went to the play area instead. My ideas rarely get followed through.

This past week the Oldham's came over for a Christmas party. It was nice getting to hang out all together. The kids exchanged gifts and we had an appetizer dinner.

I gave Keagan a banana dipped in some chocolate fondue. Needless to say he loved it.

HK showing off one of her gifts.
We have had a great week of preparing for Christmas. Now we just need to get packed up and ready for Christmas with our families in Springfield.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spaghetti, Cookies, and More

This post is of some random moments around the house as of late.

The other night I fixed spaghetti and gave Keagan his first bites of it. I let him just feed himself. I knew it would be messy but he's gotta learn somehow.

He didn't like the feel of it at first but then got the hang of it.

This is pretty good mama!

He ate all of his helping and then screamed for more. Watch out because if there isn't food on his tray and he's sitting there, he screams and screams!!

Yesterday the Oldham's came over for our second annual sugar cookie making and decorating. The night before Kellen helped me make the dough. He pretty much helps me fix dinner everynight. If he sees me in the kitchen he's yelling "mommy I will help you fix dinner!!"
For Kellen's future wife - you can thank me later for training him well in the kitchen!!! :-)

HK and Kellen at their finest.

He's also started grocery shopping for me as well. He found this Macy's bag and was carrying it around like a big purse. Of course he had the money in his back pocket like a man!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Something interesting

Keagan usually doesn't find the tv interesting. HOWEVER he really enjoys this outdated Christian Kids sing-a-long video that Kellen LOVES to watch. It's a 30 minute video and as soon as it is turned on Keagan comes a crawlin'. I don't really care for him to be that close to the television but he is GLUED! He absolutely loves watching the kids sing. The other day he actually watched the entire 30 minutes. And I finally figured out a way to distract him long enough to cut his nails!!


Happy Birthday Nolan!!!

These are a little late being posted as Nolan's birthday was on the 3rd. However just wanted to wish this little guy happy 1st!! I can't believe he's 1 - because that means Keagan will be one soon!! This year has definitely flown by. I don't think Kellen's first year went this fast!!!

Nolan (and everyone else) loved this train!

Testing the birthday cake.....

The final result!

Nolan - you are such a sweet little guy!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gardner Gals cookie baking!!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we had our 4th annual cookie baking. We bake lots of Christmas cookies in anticipation of saving them for Christmas. HOWEVER mine never make it even close to Christmas.

The whole bunch

Shannon, Mom, and Aunt Suzie

Tara, Gracie, and Alison

The butt sisters

Need I explain???

Some of the final product!!