Thursday, February 25, 2010

One nice day

This past sunday we celebrated the nice weather and Keagan's 13 month bday with some play time OUTSIDE!! It was long over due and we took full advantage of it! Karsten had the entire weekend off for once and it was wonderful to say the least.
Here's a recap from this weekend.

Of course at the end of last week we welcomed another round of germs in our house. Keagan had a 103 temp wednesday and thursday and then Kellen caught it saturday. No other symptoms besides a fever and an overwheming I just don't feel good kind of feeling. So Sunday we skipped church and kept the germs to ourselves and by sunday evening Kellen was feeling much better.
Keagan practicing his "I like to stand but not take any steps" stance.
13 months today!!!!

Many days of the week Keagan stands at the patio doors and bangs on the glass desperate to go outside. I feel so bad that it's too cold out most days. He really enjoyed playing on the playhouse for really the first time.

Keagan's 13 month marker was also celebrated with his first ride on the GATOR!! Daddy made a makeshift seatbelt for him so he wouldn't fall out..... for some reason he couldn't master the hang on tight!! I think he'll catch on soon!

Big brother giving him his first ride.

Kellen was making faces at Keagan while we were talking to a neighbor and I tried to catch it on camera.

Brotherly love....I guess we'll have to strap the third one in the back!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby's first pictures

Today was my highly anticipated 20 week ultrasound. I wasn't sure if I was ready to find out the sex of the baby yet but I caved. Karsten wanted to know and I went ahead and said yes too.
I always get nervous before these anatomical ultrasounds just because you never know if they might find something wrong or questionable. Thankfully so far it looks like we've been blessed with another healthy baby BOY!!!! I think that was why I wasn't ready to find out yet. I kept asking myself "what am I going to do with 3 BOYS!" or "what will I do with a girl now that I have 2 boys..." but I am not dissappointed. In my gut I was pretty sure it was another boy.

I was also very pleasantly surprised that I got a few pictures of 3D images! I was not expecting that at all!! So here are some sneak peaks.......

His little profile

Waving high giving a thumbs up.

Showing the world who he is.

His little face so far. His hands are up by his head. The tech had a really hard time getting pictures of his face and head because he is buried head down facing my spine.

So there you go. You'll have to wait until he's born for any more pics unless problems arise!
Here I am at almost 20 weeks!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A few more winter pictures

Keagan hasn't really been able to experience the snow, so the other day we finally got him out there.
We decided we would go "sledding." I don't know of any hills around here but I think the boys had fun just being pulled around.
Poor Keagan was so bundled up he couldn't move. When he was on the sled with Kellen he had to lay down in Kellen's lap because he couldn't bend at the waist! Of course that part I got on the regular video camera and didn't get a still picture.

waiting patiently.

Are you sure about this????
(yes his face is greasy - I put vaseline on it before we went outside because it was already chapped).

Daddy and Keagan enjoying the snow.
I wish Karsten would have got a picture of us all together on the sled. I bet we looked pretty silly. I was sitting on the back and Keagan was sitting on my lap with Kellen in front. Karsten pulled us around the entire block! Needless to say my rear-end was frozen and Karsten was pretty tired! Thank you Daddy - we had so much fun!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another snow day

Tuesday was another snow day. Mom's morning out was cancelled so I had to think of something to do. So I stole Betsy's idea about bringing some snow inside!

Both boys enjoyed playing with the bowls of snow. I'm quite surprised that Keagan did not try to eat it!

When it threatens to snow here they close all the schools. Good gracious - the roads were clear by 9:00 am!

This was Keagan's first time experiencing the snow. Every time we are able to go outside he has been sick so I haven't taken him out.

This was our mini snowman! Kellen was very proud of it. We used raisins for the eyes, a carrot (obviously) for the nose, a paci for the mouth and a measuring cup for the hat. Oh - and forks for the arms. Keagan was not happy about the paci in the snowman's mouth and I had to rebuild the snowman 3 times because he kept demolishing it!

I think the boys had fun and it kept their attention and my sanity for quite a while. Spring you may come any time!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Last minute road trip

Last week I decided to take the kids to Springfield for the week. Karsten ended up working some extra shifts and I was getting stir crazy as were the kids. We needed a change of scenery!

One night we decided to make hamburgers on the grill, french fries, and chocolate milkshakes for dinner.....yummy!

Mom gave Kellen a chef's apron that is embroidered Chef Slater. Kellen loved it and took his job very seriously being the taste tester.

On another note: does anyone else ever get tired of cleaning up these horrible messes!!??

The pictures don't even do it justice!

Kobe had a basketball game on saturday morning and we went to see him play. Kellen was so excited to see Kobe play ball and on the way home he said "Mom, that was so cool!!" When Kobe sat on the bench for a rest Kellen ran over there to sit next to him. It was so cute. He even tried to get into their huddle in between quarters - I had to pull him out of it.
Overall we had an uneventfull trip. I'm so glad we got out of the house for awhile though. Next trip will be when baby ____ Anderson decides to show up!! (I can't say the name).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Catching up

I'll admit that I haven't been very good about posting lately but nothing much has been going on! We're itching to get some nice weather but it doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon!
Here are just some random pics over the last couple of weeks that I forgot about.
This is another one of our new "puppies." This is his dog bed. I had a box laying around and Kellen was acting like a dog (his name is fluffy) and he asked me for a doggie bed. So I put a blanket inside the box and there ya go! A new dog bed. I tried to get a picture of Kellen but my camera died.

Anyway, Keagan is Kellen's puppy and his name is fluffy too. Keagan thinks the box is great and played in there for about 20 minutes by himself before getting out. I tried to get him out of the box earlier and he had a meltdown.
I had to post this pic because this is one of many pics that Kellen has been taking with our camera. It's not that great of us but I thought the aim was pretty good! He's taken pictures of almost every toy he owns and anything else he is proud of. He has a camera of his own but you know how that is - the real thing is always better!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Keagan has been "dancing" for awhile now and I finally got around to video taping it. Of course this isn't his best one but you'll get the picture.

This dance is in response to the new Thomas DVD that is coming out. Kellen loves to watch the preview of it on the computer and Keagan didn't want to be left out.