Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kellen's holiday sing party

 Kellen's class at preschool had a singing party on Friday, their last day of school.  Each grade/class had a few songs to sing and then we all got to eat and hang out.  

It is so precious to see the kids sing and do their little actions with the words.  They take it very seriously most of the time.

One girl was singing an entirely different song part of the time.  So funny.

We were all asked to bring a treat to share with everyone.  Kellen requested brownies.  I was thinking of something a little more festive, however I did what he requested.

And let me tell you that didn't work out so well.  Kade pushed the step stool up to the counter and stuck his meaty paws - I mean hands - into the brownies.  I had to cut out around his hand prints in order for Kellen to take something to school. Oh well. Another day in the life with the busybody.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Carterville

At the beginning of this month, Carterville had their annual "Christmas in Carterville."  They shut down their main street and have all sorts of activities for everyone.  The street is decorated beautifully with lanterns and garland and lights.  All the store fronts are decorated individually and each has it's own theme.  It really is neat.  I don't have many pictures because I was too busy checking everything out.

You know Dasher, Dancer...this one is Comet.  They actually brought in a real reindeer and the kids really got excited that one of Santa's reindeer came to visit.

This was Candy Land Trail - there was a path of lights and several Candy Land themed stops.

Finally got one as a family...

All along the street people had stands of hot cocoa, cookies, kettle corn, and name it - and it was completely free!! They fund raise and save all year to provide this event for the town of Carterville.  Inside the businesses and churches along the street are activities for the children...making crafts and ornaments, coloring, and of course more treats.  The best part of the evening was the horse-drawn carriage. It truly was a better than expected evening. Fun had by all! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas with the Oldhams

We look forward to hanging out with the Oldhams any chance we get - but for me it's especially fun at Christmas time.  This year they came to our house and we ate dinner together, the kids exchanged Christmas gifts and then we decorated sugar cookies.  
The boys were so excited to see them....but they definitely needed to burn some energy.  They were running laps around the couches prior to them getting here. 

We tried to get the kids to open one gift at a time - and take turns - it worked for about 30 seconds.

We love Melissa and Doug products.  I actually got several items from that company this year.  Keagan received a shish-ka-bob grill set.  

It was the night of shoes for Liam.  I had bought "squeaker" shoes for Kade a week prior and much to my surprise he FREAKED OUT when I had him walk in them.  The kid LOVES shoes.  But not these shoes.  He cried and refused to walk in them and started crawling.  SO Liam got them!

The decorating of the sugar cookies was the highlight of my night.  The kids were pretty funny.  

Just look at this picture!! Look at that sneak!

Keagan didn't understand that we weren't going to eat all the cookies.  He decorated one cookie and then ate it.  He gave up decorating very quickly.

The two little boys played in the jungle gym that is my kitchen table. 

We told Nolan he was going to turn into the incredible hulk with all that green icing...
He was trying hard to make muscles.

These two did a pretty good job at decorating.

We had a great time and the only mishap was losing HK's bow...but we did find it eventually - after the Oldham's headed back to Eldorado. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kade at 17 months

Kade at 17 months:

You LOVE to wrestle.  Lately Kellen will lay down on the floor and you will just come running to him and jump/fall on top of him.  You both laugh hysterically....until eventually someone gets hurt.  

Kellen will play sports resorts on the wii and you like to pretend to play as well.  You know exactly where we keep the controllers and games.  You get into the box, pull everything out, and then "play" the wii.

Just this week alone you stole Kellen's toothbrush and stirred the toilet water.  On the same day, later in the afternoon, you pushed the step-stool up to the counter in the kitchen and stuck your meaty little - or should I say fat - hands into my freshly made brownies.  I had made those brownies for Kellen's preschool Christmas party the following morning.

You are soooo busy.  I know I keep saying this - but you are busier every day! I love you dear boy - but I hope you are done with some of this mischief!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

The tree has officially been up since the weekend of Thanksgiving and I am loving it.  I love the smell, but I love making memories with the kids most of all.

As tradition, we find either a tree farm or a local Home Depot/Lowe's to find a real tree.  We prefer Fraser Firs..

It was blustery wind/rain out that evening.  So let's just say we picked the first one...

Mommy - I cold - I not moving.

I have decided we need an extra set of hands.  It's extremely hard to video tape/take regular pictures and keep the kids out of the way, all while telling Karsten which way to hold and turn the tree.

Our old lights officially died - so we opted for the round LED lights.

How do I get these things out?

I don't know buddy - the same way you get out anything - destroy it.

The boys were fascinated with the lights and getting them out of the packing.

My most helpful "unhelper"
I have this picture memorized.  I just think it's precious.

We now put the star on TWICE

Next year we will be putting it on three times.

I wish I had better pictures but I was video taping at the same time.  We also had a young one (I won't mention any names) literally chucking every ornament or "ball" out of the boxes.  I just could not keep up!!

I think next year we are going to have a "memory tree" that all the kids can decorate with their own ornaments  and hand-made items and then I can have my pretty tree.