Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keagan turns 3!

Keagan turned 3 on the 21st of this month....I can't believe he's 3.  He's as big as a 4 year-old. 

We traveled to Springfield for his birthday so the grandparents could attend this year.  I was glad we did...and hey - mom just has a bigger house compared to ours!

We did the construction theme....Keagan had requested diggers, loaders,....anything constrution themed.  

I had hard hats and work aprons for everyone...Kade especially loved his.  The birthday boy, well, froze.

Keagan did not want to participate with the hats and aprons.  He had been so excited about them the day before...oh well.

I fixed a "dirt cake" in the dump truck.  I was so afraid the part that dumps was actually going to dump everything onto the floor....but it was a success.

Dad sported his hat and apron like a true birthday champ.

Keagan loved the gummy worms that were in the dirt cake the best.

Mom will probably kill me for posting this.

Keagan received a big wheel from Nana and Pa Dudley and many construction trucks from the Slaters.
The big wheel was a big hit - more so for Kellen and Kade though.

Next was the pinata...even Kade took some pretty good whacks at it - everyone was ducking for cover from that one!

We had a wonderful birthday party and want to thank everyone for coming!!

Dear Keagan, You are such a big boy. I seriously think you should be a stand-up comedian sometimes.  The way you reenact scenes from movies, books, and real-life amazes me.  We are still hoping you decided to try out potty-training - SOON please.  You adore your brothers and still love to cuddle with mommy when you wake up in the morning and after naps.  You still take naps most days - which I am thankful for.  You love to color and draw and basically do anything Kellen does.  I love you dear one and pray for you daily that you will grow up to be a man of God who loves his wife and family.  Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kade at 18 months

Life keeps getting busier with you Mr. busy.  

You think you are just as big as the other two.  Kellen and Keagan like to play Thomas or PBS kids on the computer and there are many times I catch you "pretending" to play as well.  So much for the "kid" computer you got for Christmas!

You are a big cheese.  You see the camera and you strike a pose.

Waiting patiently for your first haircut....sigh

Your hair was getting so long in the back.  Sometimes it would curl, other times it just stuck up everywhere.  So I braved it and took you and Keagan to the mall for your first myself.

You were so good.  I actually let you have a sucker.  I figured it was the most sure-fire way to get you to sit still.  It worked.

All done!

The things you are into right now: 
plunging your hand as far down the toilet as you can
opening my make-up bag and playing with my make-up
spoons and cheese graters are your favorite kitchen item right now
and anything else that strikes your attention....

You are my busiest child by far.  You are starting to say a lot more words and understand so much more!
My favorite thing you say is " I ov ooo " for I love melts my heart.

I am looking forward to seeing you grow.  We have a busy spring and summer ahead of us but I think you will just take it in stride. I love you dear one!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Batter Beater Eaters

OH my little BIG moochers.  You can't get anything past these two.  I swear they can hear the refrigerator door open from across the house. They hear a cabinet door open and close; they come running. They hear the slightest bit of a paper crumpling...Mom - what you doing? Mom, what in your mouth?
Me: (with my mouth mostly full of something scrumptious) - "uhm, nofin - I dn't hv nofin"

I hope they think I'm as wonderful as these beaters filled with cookie dough.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A little more Christmas

Just a few random pictures from around Christmas...

The boys were wanting me to take their picture for some reason with the home-made ottoman...they were just being silly.

We had a LOT of icing so we had several different mornings and evenings of decorating sugar cookies.

We went to Nana and Pa's house Christmas morning and then my Grandma Dudley's Christmas night - when my camera decided to no longer work :-(

I love the look Kade is giving - uhm - excuse me...what ARE you doing?

Little Riley...

Ruby and Kade got these ride-on toys from Nana and Pa.  They were a HUGE hit. They rode them all around the house and giggled - and of course we were all laughing hysterically at them.

My mom made this bench for Ruby out of an old bed.  Isn't it adorable? I hope I'm next...hint hint.