Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Halloween at Disney

We celebrated Halloween this year at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Prior to us leaving for Disney I thought that instead of bringing costumes for the kids, I would sign them up for the Pirate League -  Kind of like the princess boutique except more geared for boys and pirates. This way they would be all dressed up for trick-or-treating.

Upon entering, the kids had to sign their new "pirate name." Unfortunately, Keagan did not feel like cooperating and dressing up like the others so I took his place!  I got to dress up like Izzy and Kellen was Jake from the Neverland Pirates.  HK dressed up as a mermaid.

Disney '12 (124)

Disney '12 (134)

Disney '12 (129)

Disney '12 (128)

Disney '12 (127)

360 - Copy

368 - Copy
That hair cracks me up!

362 - Copy
I think this was on the way home...it was getting close to midnight.  

It was a LONG day and night for everyone but it was a lot of fun.  We made the kids lay down for naps late in the afternoon so that they would survive the late night. Then we headed back to Magic Kingdom.  We got to trick-or-treat at the Magic Kingdom and ride several rides in the dark.  It was the busiest night we had but so worth it.