Friday, December 28, 2012

Disney - part 2

I will just say this: blogging about Disney makes me feel disorganized. I'm not sure how to post all these pictures to describe how much fun we all had.  It just doesn't do it justice. So, I'm all for randomness now.

I could not wait for the boys to go on the jungle cruise at Magic Kingdom.  That, the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse were 3 of my most favorite rides when I was little. They are still there but a little or a lot different.  They didn't appreciate the cruise or the tree house like I thought they would.  Oh well - maybe next time.

Disney '12 (23)

Disney '12 (22)

Disney '12 (47)
Minnie Mouse was the first character that Keagan was able to meet.  He was so excited but then got spooked once he was next in line.

Disney '12 (90)
Monday evening we went to Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort.  They met I think 5 characters that night. I love HK's face!

Disney '12 (73)
four of the goofballs with Goofy!

Disney '12 (27)
Parades are on all the time.  Each one is so different and magical.  They really put their all into each one.  

I will continue to post about these....hopefully sooner rather than later.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our Disney Trip

Well, we finally made a trip to Disney World and I am finally blogging about it!! 

Although, my camera is the worst camera I have ever owned, so the quality and number of pictures is pretty sad for such a big trip.  
We went Oct. 28-Nov. 2 - yes, over Halloween!

We went with our friends the Oldhams and without both of our 2-year-olds! I missed Kade, but once we got there I was glad he wasn't!  We were able to do so many things that we couldn't have otherwise.

344 - Copy
Kellen and HK enjoying the plane ride together

347 - Copy
Daddy and Keagan just chillin'

Disney '12 (9)
This is the only picture I have of anything about our Hotel.  We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside - and that picture is about the equivalent of our time spent inside the room.  Nil.  
We have learned our lesson

Disney '12 (12)
Disney is truly a magical place.  The details and friendliness of everyone is so magnificent.

Disney '12 (13)

348 - Copy
The boys in front of the castle.
I don't even think the boys really knew what to expect.  I had tried to show them things on the computer or pictures about Disney but they really weren't able to grasp the magnitude of it.  

We really had a good time but I will say I'm glad we went during this time of the year.  We had to pull Kellen out of school but the lines are not long at all and the weather is nice.
  I will be attempting to blog more of this trip the rest of this week.