Friday, July 31, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

It's been a rainy couple of days here, so we've been trying to entertain ourselves inside. This is what we've been up to.

Keagan was very interested in this furry creature (his name is Winston the rocking horse) by the way so I put him on it and of course, Kellen had to jump on too.

Keagan adores his big brother. He laughs at him all the time.

Kellen trying to teach Keagan how to play bball.

No, this is how you do it.

Kellen is starting to really enjoy Keagan now that he has realized that he's not going to go back in Mommy's tummy.
I can't wait to see how these two interact with each other as they get older.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keagan's check-up

We went to the Dr. today for Keagan's well baby visit. Here are his stats:

18 1b (50-55)%
28 inches (90)%

I think his head was 42 cm.?? I can't quite remember.

Anway, that's it for now!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

What do you think???

Here is a picture of Karsten as a baby. I'm pretty sure that he and Keagan look A LOT alike. What do you think??

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy 1/2 year Keagan!!

I can't believe that my blue-eyed boy is 6 months today!

Keagan - your personality is starting to show: you have quite the attitude some days. Other days you're so sweet and cuddly. I can't wait to see what the next 6 months hold.

You're sitting up all by yourself for several minutes now. I still usually put the boppy pillow around you just in case.

You can roll over from front to back but are still struggling with getting back onto your tummy. You arch your back and your toes almost reach your head but you just can't get over. You're very content to stay where you are right now. Although lately you've been getting your rear up in the air and your knees tucked up underneath you.

You love to be outside. So does your tongue.

And you LOVE your feet and toes. I love the way you love them! It's too cute.
We go to the Dr. next week so I'll update your vitals then.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Weekend To Remember

This past weekend we had a Dudley family reunion. (Dudfest as it's officially called). It was a very special weekend because we were able to spend quality time with Grandad - and history repeated itself (16 years later). The only request that Grandad has made is this: a remake picture of all his grandchildren lined up in order of age on the edge of his pool. I think it's one of his favorite pictures ever.

Here we are: all grown up.
Here are some other pictures to remember the day:
Doing what Dudley's do best: eating
Hey batta batta
testing out the water
Grandma and Grandad with their kiddos
all 12 of the grandchildren with Grandma and Grandad
Pa, Kellen, and Grandad
It was a great time had by all.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to wash your clothes - poolside

Had Kellen been born before the time of washers and dryers, he would have been my laundry boy. I caught him doing this last night - where he got the idea - no one knows.

Step 1: Wash clothes in kiddie pool

Step 2: Rinse

Step 3: Hang clothes ever so neatly over various, convenient objects and let dry.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What every boy needs

Is a dog to share his popsicle with.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some of the Slater family

When we were in Spingfield last week, we also spent some time with Nana and Papa Slater. Kellen loves going to their house to play and visit Kaylee and Kobe. Unfortunatly I don't have many pics because of my camera dying, but I did manage to get one with Nana and Papa and 4 of their grandchildren.

This week they are in beautiful Gull Lake, Michigan. It has been a family tradition for many years and I so wish we were there with them. It's a Bible and Missionary conference but there are lots of golfing, swimming, boating, and vacation bible school type things for all the kids. There are speakers every day and we all stay in these beautiful lake houses - and it's really nice to have all the family together. If only we had a boat......hmmm

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boys first camping trip

While we were in Springfield, Kellen had his first overnight camping trip with Nana and Pa. They went to New Salem so it wasn't too far from home. It's a really nice campground and there was a park nearby.
Kellen spent the night with them and Keagan and I, along with Karsten, Matt and Shannon joined them the next morning for breakfast and then a cookout lunch.
Unfortunately, my camera's battery died on the first weekend we were in Springfield, so I bummed these pictures off my mom.
I'll let most of the pictures speak for themselves:

"I wonder what you get when you mix lighter fluid and a flashlight???"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July

My little firecracker

Our plans for celebrating the 4th didn't go so well since it was freezing and raining outside. Mom and I went into town and then later watched a movie while the boys napped. Believe it or not, Karsten, his dad and brother, and my dad went golfing in the rain. Most of the fireworks were cancelled but the ones in Plains at the high school weren't. So my mom kept Keagan at home and Dad, Karsten, Kellen and I headed out into the cold rain.
Luckily, my Dad's cousins own a construction business and have a shop close to the high school. So we ventured over there to find shelter.
To Kellen's surprise there were inloaders, name it - FORGET the fireworks!!

At the controls

We finally talked Kellen out of the bobcat so we could sit and watch the fireworks.
It was pretty chilly outside. Kellen loved cuddling with Daddy right before the fireworks started.
Kellen did love the fireworks though. He kept calling them spider webs! Sometimes I wonder where he gets his ideas. It was cute. Unfortunately most of the fireworks were behind the clouds so all you could see was colored clouds. It was neat though. Hopefully next year it will be warm!

Monday, July 6, 2009

For all those poop-a-phobes

Yesterday we were on our way home from Springfield and had a dramatic turn of events. SO for all those people who are afraid of poop: you have to read this. And for those of you who aren't afraid - you still have to read this. All I could do was laugh about it - there was nothing else I could have done.

We had not been on the road for 30 minutes and I noticed Keagan's priceless face. You know, the one where they show unmistakable signs that they are pooping???

I know you're not supposed to get kids out of their car seats while you're in a moving car BUT neither Karsten or I wanted to stop already. So I layed Keagan down in the back seat so I could change his diaper. There was my first surprise. A car seat full of poop (along with his entire outfit and up his back). Total blowout. So I got out my wipes (my 4 wipes that I had left - sigh)!! And proceded to clean Keagan up. I had not put his diaper back on yet (there was my first mistake) because he still had some on his back that I needed to clean. SO I sat him on my lap and next thing I know there is poop EVERYWHERE!!! He pooped (again) while he was sitting on my lap. All over my jeans, the back seat, my shirt, my arm, and oh underneath my fingernails!!! It was a disgusting mess. And of course the dogs are going crazy with the stench in the car. Karsten just kept laughing at me and Kellen kept asking "what's the matter mommy?" I just started laughing too. I really stunk the rest of the trip and I'm sure our car still does too. So if you want to know how much poop you can clean with 4 wipes - talk to me...... let me tell ya not a whole lot.

We did make it home alive - even if all our nose hairs are cinged.

Fun at the pool

The boys are getting used to the water these days. Unfortunately, the week we were in Springfield it was cold and rainy!! THIS IS JULY PEOPLE!! It's not supposed to be 65 degrees!
Luckily it was hot the two days daddy was home with us and got to spend some quality time in the water with his boys.

HS Reunion

We went home the weekend of the 27th for my 10 year HS reunion. Man I feel old!!
The reunion was at the KC hall in Springfield. It was nice to catch up with people but at the same time it was akward. I'm sure you know what I mean. We mainly just stood around and talked and others just drank the night away. Typical.

I didn't manage to get many pictures but I did get one with my two best friends from HS: Khourtney and Heather.
Surprisingly, everyone looked pretty much the same and I remembered most everyones' names!

Catching up

I have been very delinquent on my bloggings as of late - sorry!! We've had a lot going on and we've been out of town for a week and a half. SO I'm going to attempt to post several entries today.