Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a big boy now

Friday night we made the BIG switch.  Keagan moved into his big boy bed and is now sharing a room with Kellen.  I dreaded this move forever because Keagan does not do well with change sometimes.  However, out of the last 6 nights we have only had a couple of rough ones.  The first night Keagan cried when we put him to bed and then woke up from 2-3am screaming. Of course then Kellen started crying because he just wanted to go back to sleep and not have a screaming brother in his room.  Then the other morning he woke the whole house up at 5:00 am with his screaming. Sometimes I wish I had that universal remote that I could mute things with! 
We have had to be a little creative with nap time since Kellen still takes a nap too but sometimes doesn't and would rather play.  The other day I laid both of them down at the same time.....that doesn't work too well yet.  I had to keep going in there to remind them to settle down.  One time they were in the same bed and Kellen told me "mom, I just want to tickle him!"  Then another time I went in and Kellen was on his top bunk leaning over the side shooting Keagan with the nerf gun. Needless to say I told Kellen to just come out to the living room until Keagan fell asleep or he could camp out in the nursery.  So Kellen spent a couple of nights "camping out" on the floor in the nursery until Keagan adjusted.  The only thing I have to figure out now is how to make it dark and bright in there at the same time.  Come ON kids....I'm not super woman. Kellen likes the light and Keagan likes the dark.....go figure.....they could not be more different.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The pumpkin patch

Saturday we all went out to Mayse Farm Market.  It's a pumpkin patch/farm market located on the other side of Evansville.  We went out here our first year we were here and for some reason had not made it back.  It was a lot of fun and they have all sorts of activities for the children.

They had pumpkin slinging contests for the kids.  You had to try and hit one of three scarecrows.

They also had water duck races where you had to pump the water to get the duck across to the other side.

Kellen and daddy had a lot of fun racing the ducks.

Then we took a hay wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick their very own pumpkins.

I got my pumpkin!!

Uh mommy?? I don't know which one to pick! I just keep tripping over all these vines on the ground!!

They had this "corn slide" in the middle of one of their corn fields.  There was a maze you had to walk through to get to this.  The slide was REALLY fast and the boys really enjoyed it.

Of course since I was the picture taker and was carrying Kade, I didn't get any pictures of him and myself.  He pretty much slept the entire time we were there. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Keagan at 20 months

Well, this month has been a trying month to say the least.  Keagan's 20 month milestone came and went and yesterday I realized I hadn't taken any pictures of him.  I got a couple over the last couple of days though.  I think Keagan has officially entered the "terrific twos" :) early....I just hope it doesn't get worse before it gets better. I'm trying to stay positive.

 Keagan has finally started to wear sun glasses...after me trying to get him to wear them for over a year! They totally freaked him out....until now.  Now he wears them inside and outside...all the time. 

Oh my dear boy.....I think you finally realized that Kade is here to stay.  You have been so good these past couple of months adjusting to the new baby.  I think you're having a delayed reaction.  You're screaming and temper tantrums have hit a new level! BUT on the upside you're vocabulary has also hit a new level and you can be very well mannered sometimes too...asking please when you want something and thank you's too.  You LOVE your daddy and get very upset if you're up in the morning and see him leave.  It's not a pretty sight.  We usually have to go outside to watch him leave.

Tonight is the night we are switching you to the BIG BOY BED!!!  I'm dreading it....but I think you'll do pretty well. We don't really have an option since Kade needs to get into the crib.  It's a lot earlier than I would like it to seems like you're all grown up now which makes me so sad.  Oh how the time flies.....I love you!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Resident appreciation night

Friday night the residents had an appreciation dinner at the Evansville Country Club.  Deaconess does this every year and the location and entertainment is something different every year. This year the entertainment included a magician named the Jolly Jester.
We had drinks and appetizers while the magician mingled with the crowd and did small magic tricks.  Then we had dinner and after dinner he did a larger show. He was really good!

His very last trick was hilarious.  Here's the CEO of nursing with an egg beater on her head.  The magician had one of the residents stand in between her and one of the other doctors with a balloon antennae on his head. The resident was making winding motions with her arm and was holding a banana. The magician told her the egg beater was acting like a ESP transmitter to send the card she was thinking of into the banana. I know this probably doesn't make sence but hang in at the end he retrieved the banana that was un peeled, peeled it, and inside was the card she was thinking of! It was amazing and hilarious at the same time.

Karsten and Chad tying a bow in a cherry stem.  Karsten is really good at it!

We had a great time and it was so nice to have some time away from the kids!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I was organizing some pictures on the computer the other day and came across a few that I have forgotten to blog about. So here are some random pics from over the last couple of weeks.

We were going on a walk in the evening and Kellen and Keagan went ahead of us out into the garage while we were getting shoes on....this was what I found when I came out. Hmmm...I think he still thinks he's the baby.

mmmm....popsicles in the morning sunshine. The boys both had their shirts off and WERE sitting by each other in the driveway. I went in and grabbed my camera because I thought it was so cute. Well, when I came back out Kellen kept backing away from Keagan....he did not want to sit by him and poor Keagan kept scooting backwards to get closer to Kellen.

Yeah, I decided they could paint. That was dumb! There was paint everywhere. I should've waited until Keagan was napping.

My little man....he's getting so big.

9 weeks old.
Kade is also sleeping through the night now. It's amazing how better your days are when you can get some sleep at night!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend we went to visit the Oldham's at their new house. We had not been to El Dorado before. We grilled out and the kids played all afternoon and evening. Then they treated us to the Dairy Barn! It was very yummy! I didn't manage to get my camera out until we were enjoying our ice cream on the way out of town.

They definitely need to invest in some picnic tables!

On monday night daddy didn't have to work so we had a relaxing morning/afternoon and then that evening we had a picnic at Price Park. I have not been to that park before but Karsten had taken Kellen awhile back. We pass this park on the way to church sometimes so Kellen really wanted to go here.

Keagan is getting braver going down slides but one has a pretty big drop off...his face was priceless coming down!

Daddy and Kade...Kade loves to sleep like this on Karsten's chest. He had a pretty big weekend too......all that sleeping and pooping and eating!!! :-)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of "Preschool"

Yesterday was the boys' first day of the mom's morning out program at the church across the street. Kellen was so excited to be starting "school" again. This year I decided that Kellen could go 2 days a week and Keagan would go 1. They go from 9-12. I don't know that Keagan gets much out of it but it's good for us to have a break and for him to realize I will come back. I tell you what's a haul taking all 3 kids in and out of the van twice a day for those two days - especially when I have to put Kade in the stroller and lift it out of the van - you know what I mean!

Here is my attempt at "first day of school pics"

Kellen: I'll try to smile..I just want to go!
Keagan: I know my buddy is in here...

Kellen: Still smiling mom.... hurry up!
Keagan: What? I'm supposed to be smiling? Oh. Well, just give me a minute

Kellen: Oh brother....
Keagan: Oh buddy!

Kellen: Let's blow this joint!
Kegan: I'm my lovey, going to take off my shoes now....

It was a crazy morning and I figured I would get some errands done but Kade had other plans so I just came home to a semi-quiet house and got things done here.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kade at 8 weeks

Kade was officially 8 weeks old yesterday. Time has really flown by and he is getting bigger every day. We went for his well-baby check-up on wednesday and here are his stats:

Weight: 13.7 lb at 93%
Height: 23 1/2 at 73 %

I can never remember the head circumference.

He is doing really well at night once he finally falls asleep. He pretty much gives us a 7 hour stretch most of the time. For some reason his fussy time is late (like 9-11). I wish I knew what I could do for him!

He is smiling and cooing now and I (and his brothers) love it! Kellen really likes to make him smile and coo.

You really don't like the paci but Keagan insists that you need it! I wish you would take it sometimes but that's less thing to keep up with!