Friday, June 15, 2012

So long for now

Well, I'm sitting here with a sick feeling in my stomach...we are moving again.  I'm actually waiting for our moving packers to get here.  They should be here any minute.  I'm not used to this lack of control.  I want to pack, but why do it to myself when we have resources available to do it for us?  I feel very underprepared and am fearful that they won't show up - that I will end up having to pack this whole house by myself.  Ugh, I just want this over!!

I keep reminding my self that God says to not be anxious and worry about tomorrow.  I'm giving up control and putting it in God's hands.  Everything is going to be okay and we will open a new chapter in our lives.  I should be excited for the opportunities that lay ahead - but I'm more overwhelmed!

For those of you who do not know, we are moving to Mt. Carmel, IL.  TOMORROW!

I'm not sure that I will have a blog post in the next week or so...we'll see how things go! So long for now!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This was Kellen's first year playing t-ball.  Kellen enjoys sports, but only in small doses right now.  He would rather be digging in the dirt or riding his bike, or playing with bugs and frogs.  He's an outdoor boy for sure.  And let's face it - I wouldn't have it any other way.

I promised Kellen that if he didn't like baseball, he didn't have to play again.  But he needs a little nudging once in awhile to try something new.  So he did agree to play ball.

He had fun...he just doesn't quite understand what to do with the ball.  I have more pictures and videos to upload so hopefully I can post those later.

His team: the lugnuts, sponsored by a hardware company.

In the outfield with his coach.

Kade LOVED the dugout.  And he would have preferred to have been out in the field with Kellen

We didn't make all the games and his season was cut short by our impending move.  However, Kellen learned to slide into home....he slid into home every time - whether it was necessary or not.  He just loved getting dirty! I thought it was hilarious because he would slide, not get to home base, and then scoot forward while still in the sliding position until he reached home.  

Kellen did learn a lot though and most importantly - had fun!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

A little belated, but Happy Mother's Day!

The boys took me out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  
I think it was supposed to have been a surprise, but since it is Kellen's favorite restaurant, he could not keep it a secret. He was too excited.

My attempt at pictures with my 3 boys. The poor bench was drenched in sunlight and they were just at the wrong angle for pictures.

Happy Mother's Day to all the hard-working wonderful Mother's I know.  Love you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day with Alex the Mouse

Towards the end of the school year, each person in Kellen's class got to spend a day with Alex the Mouse.

They project was to spend the day with Alex and then write up a report about the activities they did.

I had already made grilled cheese for Kellen...(I didn't know he would be bringing Alex home) but I thought perfect - Mice love cheese, right? Kellen was happy with the lunch choice and then he decided the activities the rest of the afternoon.

We read There's a mouse about the house

took Alex on a stroller ride

taught him how to ride the tricycle 

and of course the Gator

took him for a ride in the back of the Gator (with a bucket for his sun hat)

and of course some love from Keagan.

I thought this was such a cute project for the kids.  I was surprised with how much initiative and responsibility Kellen took with it.  He kept Alex safe and treated him like a little baby brother or was very sweet. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

All dressed up and......

nowhere to go. 

Actually we did go to church.  This particular Sunday was the Sunday after Easter.  Since I didn't really get any pictures of them dressed up for Easter, I had an impromptu photo-op of them semi-dressed up.  Someone in particular wasn't feeling too impromptu.

I think this one is as good as it gets.

eh, two out of three isn't bad

I guess the more people you have in a picture, the amount of non-cooperative or unhappy people go up. I'll just have to deal with it I guess.