Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Keagan!

Happy Birthday Keagan!!

You are such a spirited and loving little boy.  You are never short with your hugs or your "I love You's"  
Your only request for your birthday was to have a Diego Cake and some of your "boy" friends come to your house to play guns.  So, I obliged.

You don't usually like to have your picture taken, however when you do - this is your new pose.


You received a new toy gun that actually has shells that pop out of it when you pull the trigger.  


Admiring your Diego cake


Your big boy bike.


Look at all those sweet boys..just ready to dive in.  

Dear Keagan, I love your zeal for life!  I cannot wait to see what the next year brings for us.  You are such a good big brother to Kade...and adore Kellen.  Right now you are really interested in helping me in the kitchen and building forts.  Of course, you really like all your new nerf and play guns!

I love you! Happy Birthday! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

a break from the cold

About a month ago, we had one nice random day out - during winter.  I'm so ready for that again!
It happened to be a saturday and Daddy was home - so we went for a walk/hike and the boys pretended they were explorers.

Speaking of explorers - Kellen got an explorer outfit for Christmas - and he was excited to put it to good use!


The boys got out their binoculars and looked for birds and bugs.  

They found this cool tree that had fallen and decided it was a balance beam.  Then of course I had to get some pictures of the boys and Daddy.

Kellen and Keagan enjoying their 4-wheeler.  They ran through mud puddles and water and had a blast.

I am sooo thankful we had this nice day - we definitely had cabin fever!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

target practice

Well, we entered the world of guns....I guess this was inevitable.  I do have 3 boys and live in the country.  Karsten has built a shooting range/target practice in our back yard - so naturally the boys were hooked!

So for Christmas, Kellen received a bb gun.  It must be a right of passage for young boys.  

Before you all get freaked out - we do extensive gun and safety training with him and he is always supervised.

One day, as soon as Kellen got home from school, he ran into the house and begged me to come out with him so he could shoot the ice on the pond.  His goal was to try and crack the ice.  I didn't have the heart to tell him the ice was too thick for a bb gun - but he had fun trying and so did his brothers.

He actually has good aim and control.

Oh those boys....and their toys.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Snow Days!

Christmas night was full of excitement...not only was it Christmas - we were expected to get 12-14 inches of snow!  And we did! 
The next morning, the boys bundled up and went out to play.  For some reason I didn't get pictures of them sledding....but they had a great time sledding down the windmill hill.  Keagan didn't care too much for the cold so he came in and drank hot chocolate with me.

Christmas '12 112

Christmas '12 117

Christmas '12 127
This was Kade's first time out in the snow.  It really didn't snow last year.  He loved it.

Christmas '12 131

Poor Daddy....we were literally snowed in - for like 5 days.   He shoveled snow for at least 10 hours.  8 hours in one day.  He was sooo sore! 

We could not get out of our driveway and we were eating a mixture of chicken nuggets and a hodge podge of meals. We didn't starve, but I was ready to get out of the house! We had been visiting family for Christmas and drove home Christmas Eve - so of course none of the stores were even open when I could have got groceries.  

I guess if it is going to be cold outside, it might as well snow!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Merry Christmas 2012

The boys (and Karsten and I) had a wonderful Christmas...I love the anticipation of the boys waking up in their home - waiting to see what Santa brought them.  I don't have many pictures because my camera died.  

Christmas '12 093
The boys did the usual tearing through their gifts from us.  Keagan's special gift was the Shake Shake bridge from the Thomas trackmaster stuff - like they don't have enough of that! 

Christmas '12 100
Kellen received a bb gun.  He was soooo excited!

Christmas '12 094
And Kade received a tanker truck.

The boys had no idea that their "santa" gift was hiding somewhere else.  It was so cold that day but we had a little note and scavenger hung that led them outside.

Christmas '12 106
A 4-wheeler! It's still battery operated but it's the highest you can go before the gas models.  The boys LOVED it.  All summer and fall they kept asking for a "grass gator." Their previous gator had bit the dust and this one has enough power for them to go in the grass and get up the windmill hill!

Christmas '12 109
Kade can't touch the pedals, but knows how to hang on in the back.  All 3 of them can ride on it at the same time.  Keagan and Kellen hardly needed any instruction.  They took off and rode it until they couldn't feel their hands.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas!  Now that I'm finally blogging about this (4 months late) I am ready to see some spring weather!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Waiting for Santa 2012

I think Christmas gets better every year...Or maybe it is the kids' current ages.  They all believe in Santa  even though we don't make a big deal out of him.   But they still believe in the magic Christmas brings.  It is definitely a special time of year.  We also introduced Rudy the elf this year, but for some reason he didn't make it into any pictures.  The boys thought the elf was awesome!

Christmas '12 072
Christmas Even we always decorate sugar cookies and lay them out with a glass of milk for Santa

Christmas '12 075
We also make reindeer food and lay it outside for the critters.

 Christmas '12 076
Me and my boys

Christmas '12 078

Christmas '12 081

Christmas '12 086

Christmas '12 091
Kellen and Keagan listening to the Christmas Story and Kade reading his own golden book Christmas story.  He was repeating what Daddy was saying but in his own version.  

The boys were too excited to sleep...they wanted to sleep under the Christmas tree - and I want to let them one day, but I'm so afraid they will see us sneaking around!

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Polar Express

Of course we went on the Polar Express this year right before Christmas.  We tried the French Lick, IN railroad this time.  I would say the one in Monticello, IL is a little more charming and quaint.  Either way, the boys had fun and we made memories...that's all that really matters.

Christmas '12 013
I know I'm missing one: He wasn't interested in taking a picture in front of the cool train.

Christmas '12 018

Christmas '12 020
This depot had several tent stations with activities to do: including writing on the giant whiteboard.  They were writing notes to santa.

Christmas '12 026
Their favorite past time....playing trains. You wouldn't know they have a train table at home.

Christmas '12 032

Christmas '12 034
We waited for what seemed like forever to get on the train.  The boys were getting restless and running around exploring and checking out different things at the depot.  

Christmas '12 038

Christmas '12 043
It really is hard for me to get a picture with all 3 of them - and for it to look good...oh well. At least they will know I existed :-) I'm usually the one behind the camera.

Christmas '12 046
Taking it all in

Christmas '12 053

Christmas '12 058
This is what they look forward to...the hot cocoa.  They could care less about Santa!

Christmas '12 066
After all the songs and activities on the train, Santa came and gave them their bell.  Just like the book.  

I really am trying to get caught up - I know no one wants to think about winter and Christmas! I definitely am looking forward to spring!! I (we) need to get out of the house!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

vacation can wear you out!

Wow! I think this will be my last Disney post. Ya'll have probably seen enough! Plus, I'm getting tired of writing about this.  
Disney (7)
At Animal Kingdom, they have a Dino Land. The boys LOVED digging for dinosaur bones.  

Disney '12 (32)
Lego Land: Need I say more?

Disney '12 (58)
At Hollywood studios they have Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area. I remember going to this the last time I was at Disney.  I thought the bigger-than-life sized objects were so cool.

Disney '12 (162)

At the Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. This was towards the end of our trip and someone was wearing thin....
Vacation is tiring!! Someone in particular was soooo tired but didn't want to admit it. I have proof now!  To give you a little background, we were at Hollywood Studios and had just sat down to watch the car stunt show:  I love this sequence of pictures....
Disney '12 (69)
No MOOOM! I'm not tired.
Disney '12 (66)

Disney '12 (67)
Disney (10)

Hhhmm, Keagan slept through the explosions, the heat you could feel from the explosions, the water being splashed on us, the squealing tires from the stunt cars, the loud microphones...you name it - he slept through the whole thing!

We had such a good time - I'm ready to go back, but first I need a vacation from my vacation!