Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The last day of vacation

This has taken a really long time to post all these pictures....but I'm finally done I think!!
The last full day was friday. We weren't leaving until Saturday but our plane left at 10:30 so we figured we would get as much beach and fun time in as we could.

We hung out at the pool most of the morning and Kellen, daddy, and I took one last LONG walk on the beach.

That afternoon we took Kellen to a putt-putt and go-cart race track. He was really excited about going.

He did well on the go-carts....but I think at about lap 3 he started telling his daddy that he was ready to stop. Good thing we only paid for 3 laps!

That evening we went to Margaritaville to eat. I'm disappointed we didn't go earlier in the week. I think it was our favorite place by far. We probably would've gone more than once. The atmosphere was so fun - for kids and's just too bad that I couldn't enjoy one of their margaritas!! During dinner a pirate on stilts came out to make balloons for all the kids.

Before dinner there was a woman with a parrot who took our picture. Of course we had to buy this one too.....but we had to because Kellen got to have the parrot sit on his arm! He was pretty excited about that.

Later that night I wanted to try one last photo shoot of us on the beach as a family.

We had a wonderful trip and are so thankful we didn't run into any of the oil from the oil spill. The boys did remarkably well on the airplane and were very well behaved. Thank you Nana and Poppa for going with us so Karsten and I could have some quality time together as well. It will be a trip we will remember forever!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gulf World

On thursday of our vacation we spent some time at Gulf World. It is a small marine park/zoo that has shows and exhibits. It's kind of like Sea World but much smaller. It was right down the road from our condo. Kellen was really looking forward to seeing sharks; however they didn't have any that day for some reason.

Kellen was at least happy with the gigantic sea turtles. This was suppose to be the tank the sharks were in.

They had a small dophin tank where the dolphins would play with their toys and toss them at you. They were so cute and very friendly.

This was one of the sea lions from the show. Kellen and Keagan really enjoyed it.

Keagan's favorite animals right now are birds. He loved the parrots but kept saying "quack quack." He thinks anything that has a form of a beak is a duck.
We had a very nice morning there but the boys were ready to head back from lunch and naps that day. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and ordering pizza in.
One more vacation post to go...............

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 5 of vacation

More beach pictures.....aaaah, I wish I were back! Although the weather this weekend is warmer than it was in Florida!

Wednesday we spent more time at the beach. Today was actually the first time Keagan really tried to eat the sand. He was doing really well and not putting it in his mouth, but for some reason it was tempting that day.

Keagan loved grabbing handfuls of sand and then raise his arms and let it fall all over the top of his head and face.

What are you all doing?

Chasing the ball!! Come on it's fun! It was really windy that day and this looks like Kellen is doing the chasing...but don't let him fool you. Kellen would stand a little ways down the beach and then just let the ball go and the wind would take it pretty fast. So Karsten was the one chasing it and Kellen thought it was hilarious.

Here Kellen is talking Daddy into digging a really deep hole. So of course Daddy obliged.

After naps that afternoon we all got ready and headed to Pineapple Willy's. It is another beachside restaurant that was pretty popular.
A man came up to us before we ate and took a family picture of us. (Of course we had to buy the picture). My computer is not working right and I can't get it scanned in. So I'll post that picture when I figure it out.

Friday, May 21, 2010

16 months

Wow buddy - I can't believe that in two short months you'll be a big brother!!!
You have such a personality. I really can't believe how fast time has gone. This month has been yet another busy month. You went on an airplane for the very first time and did great! You also experienced the ocean and sand as well. You were pretty good on vacation - I was pleasantly surprised! We recently weaned you from your paci and you haven't looked back which I am very thankful for. However, your buddy (lovey) has taken it's place.
You also decided that this month would be the month to try a fork and a spoon. You are the messiest eater known to man and I am so thankful you are developing some patience with a fork and a spoon. You are far from proficient at it but at least it's a start.
You are also a big copy-cat - especially with your brother. You guys hardly eat sometimes because you're too busy growling and making funny noises at each other at the dinner table. It drives me bananas but it's funny too.

You LOVE LOVE LOVE music and dancing. If anything comes on the radio or tv that remotely has a beat all I have to do is look over at you and you start bobbing your head, clapping, marching or dancing to the beat.

This fake $1 snake is your friend. You love to play and chew on it and chase mommy making hissing sounds. You are very animated and love life and I love that about you!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 4 - A fun-filled day

Tuesday was an action-packed day. We needed a break from the sun and we packed the day full with other activities. First on the agenda was Coconut Creek Family Fun Park. It's a giant putt-putt golf course along with other activities.

Keagan didn't play but sure enjoyed smelling the "fowers" when he wasn't in the stroller.
Kellen loved playing golf this time around....he actually played or attempted to hit the ball at every hole. Sometimes he would just run up to the hole and put the ball next to it and then hit the ball in. I actually didn't mind him doing this because otherwise we would have been there FOREVER!!

After putt-putt we raced back to our condo, grabbed some lunch and then headed to the Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise. It was set to sail at 1:00 so we opted not to take Keagan. Nana and Poppa stayed at the condo while Keagan napped and we took Kellen for the cruise. Kellen was pretty tired at this point but he had a lot of fun.

First on the agenda was a water gun fight and then the captain made the boys mop the was so funny!! They took their job very seriously!

After mopping they were allowed to get their faces painted.....

Kellen chose scars.

They had a "treasure chest" down in the bottom of the boat that was guarded by this pirate....Kellen did NOT like the statue.
Overall it was a great cruise. The captain had activities planned the entire time for the kids. There were a lot of other things Kellen did but I can't post everything.....I know this post is already long enough!

Later that afternoon we headed to Pier Park. It is a large outdoor shopping center right on the beach. It also has several amusement rides...and to my surprise Kellen tried every one of them!!!

First on his list was the airplanes that went up and down and around. He loved it.
He then tried the ferris wheel, a balloon thing that went around and around, the carousel and of course a train.

Both boys enjoyed the train that traveled around the streets at the shopping center.

Keagan rode the carousel 3 times in a row. He had a fit every time he had to get off so we let him ride until he got tired of it.
To my surprise the ferris wheel was Kellen's favorite ride. I think he's getting a little more brave.
Wow! That was a long day. Needless to say both boys were in bed and asleep by 7:30 that night and us adults stayed up playing cards. It was a wonderful day!

Day 3

Monday was another lazy beach day. I'm not complaining.....I love having nothing to do except watching my boys play in the sand and water. Plus I wanted to get all the beach days asap in case the oil decided to show up!

Kellen decided he would make a sand angel.

And here's Daddy's sand castle. I'm surprised that this is the only sand castle they made all week! Kellen and Keagan just liked dumping, pouring, and filling their buckets with sand versus doing something organized.

I really wanted the boys footprints in the sand. This was the best one I could get. It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be!!
Well, on to my next 4

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 2 in PCB

Day two was Sunday, Mother's Day......
I thought that I would maybe get to sleep in that morning but that was about far-fetched from reality as I could get. My LOVELY boys both woke up at 5:30 am. I'm not sure what they were thinking.....maybe more time with their wonderful mother?? haha. We're on the SAME time zone boys - get a clue! Oh well!!
Day 2 was a lazy and wonderful beach day. The men took us out to eat for breakfast, we snacked for lunch, and then they took us out to eat that evening. No cooking at all.
(Warning..this is a long post.)
Mommy and her boys...I think being on the beach in the sun and waves was the perfect Mother's Day gift!

Daddy and his boys

Me and my honey

Keagan concentrating really hard on trying to make some sand castles.

Keagan loved the water. He would just stare and ooh and aaah and point to the waves. He learned to say water while we were there.

Kellen loved walking out onto the sand long as Daddy had a hold of him.

Later that evening we went to a restaurant called Sharkey's. It's a pretty popular beach-side restaurant and they have a GIANT replica of a real shark that someone caught a long time ago. I guess it still holds the record for the biggest shark caught by rod and reel. Kellen loved the place and is still talking about it.

Posing by the shark.

Attempting to get a picture of both boys in their googlie-eyed shirts.
Keagan running usual.

Sharkey's had an outdoor pirate playground that both boys loved. Keagan wouldn't get out of the swing...I'll let you imagine what happened when I finally pulled him out.

Daddy and Kellen on top of the pirate ship.
Thank you honey for this wonderful trip...I know you worked very hard to provide this for us and I am so thankful for you!! Thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law as well for helping us out with the kids. Happy Mother's Day to all!!