Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Decorations - Part 2


Karsten and I decided that because Kellen loves trains so much, we should start watching The Polar Express as an annual Christmas tradition. If you haven't seen the movie I would highly recommend it. We bought the 3D and regular version of the movie. Karsten and I first saw it in 3D at the IMAX in Chattanooga with his family before Kellen was born and grew to love the movie. So, we decided that we would watch the movie together after the decorations were finished. We went and picked up a take home Papa Murphys pizza and settled in to watch it. Kellen watched the ENTIRE movie without getting up to play and since saturday evening has watched it again and again. We attempted the 3D version first but to our disappointment either the glasses or our TV wasn't cooperating so we had to switch to the standard version. Here are some pictures of Kellen with the glasses - I can't believe he kept them on - he loved them!!

Poor Kellen didn't even know the 3D wasn't working. He's such a good sport. But we made him take them off because it was hurting our eyes.

Here are the finished products of our decorations as well:

Kellen helping put the candy canes on the tree

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Decorations - Part 1

This weekend was an eventful weekend. Thursday night, Nana and Poppa Slater came to town. Kellen really enjoyed getting to see them - as did we. Friday night we hung out around home and Karsten and Poppa got all the Christmas decorations down from the attic. It's a little early but it was going to be the only weekend Karsten had free. SO, saturday morning, Nana and Poppa took us out to eat at Cracker Barrel - YUM and then we headed to Home Depot. We got several things done that I have had on my to do list: Thanks to Poppa for bringing his truck so we could get these things done!
1. Bought plywood for the bunk beds in Kellen's room
2. Bought more plywood for flooring in attic
3. Bought our CHRISTMAS TREE!

We were the first to pick out our Christmas Tree at Home Depot - the trees had just arrived the day before and still had snow on them! Kellen didn't care too much as it was freezing yesterday!

After we arrived home, Karsten and Poppa put up the wood on Kellen's bunk beds. We were told to reinforce them - so we figured with the holidays coming, we better get that done since people other than small children might be sleeping on them.

Kellen has really enjoyed the new "bed" because he is able to climb the ladder and put all his toys up there. He says "climb the stairs and play with me" in toddlerese to anyone who enters. He now has all his trains and train tracks up there.
After the beds were put back together, we started on Kellen's tree. Karsten says its a Charlie Brown tree - it does look quite pathetic but we got him new ornaments - you guessed it - truck and tractors - to put on it. Kellen loved it and wanted to put all the ornaments all in one place on the tree.

The tree looks crooked in the picture - it isn't really. But hey - not too shabby for a 25 cents garage sale find!

After Kellen was down for a nap Karsten started putting up the Christmas lights outside and I started decorating the front porch. The outside lights aren't done yet, but here is the finished product so far:

We have more to show you later - so keep checking back!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our New Fireplace

So I have been contemplating about painting the fireplace surround since we moved into this house in June. I went back and forth between colors and textures and ended up deciding on brown. Previously it was the same color as the rest of the room and just needed something else. My sister Shannon had been reminding me to take a picture and blog it. We decided to make a fire that evening and thought what a good time to take a pic! So here it is!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Look what Kellen did!!!!

Here is one of our dogs - Bailey

If you look closely, you'll see that he has been "sprinkled" with milk. The other day, as I was trying to get my hair and make up done, he decided he wanted some milk. So apparently he got into the fridge, grabbed his sippy cup and drank.... and poured milk on Bailey. I guess he thought his hair looked thirsty or something. I have no idea what posessed him to do this. I guess it's just the 2 year old in him. When I asked him why he did that to Bailey this was his reaction:

Like - I really didn't mean to do that mom!!
Here are some other pics. Poor Bailey.

The pictures just don't do it justice - I think most of the milk had absorbed by the time I found it! I thought it was pretty funny though.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our trip to Nashville

This last weekend, Karsten and I were able to get away for a night and stayed at Opryland Hotel. It will probably be our last getaway until the baby comes. Mom came down and stayed with Kellen and I know they had a great time together.

Every year Deaconess Family Medicine Residency program sends their residents for a night out after their in-service exams. So, as soon as Karsten got home we took off to Nashville. Much to my disappointment, we took a wrong turn and got their a little later than we wanted to, but we were still there on time. My other dissapointment was when I got my camera out for the first picture of the evening, it was dead! Completely DEAD! Dale (Karsten's mom) has always wanted to see Opryland decorated for Christmas - and of course it was - and so of course I had no camera to take pictures for her! So anyway, to make a long story short - these pics have been bummed off Betsy.

Brooke and Betsy showing off our big bellies. I was almost 30 weeks and Betsy 35 weeks. Not too much longer for her!!! And no, we didn't plan to both wear red.

Brooke, Lauren, & Betsy

Betsy and Nate

Chris and Lauren

The guys

Building the human pyramid

You would never know that these are a group of doctors!! I'm glad they can all have fun like this together. This was toward the end of the night after we had gone on a scavenger hunt. Everyone was pretty worn out by the end.

The following morning we were on our own and Karsten and I met up with Morgan and attempted some Christmas shopping at Opry Mills. We had a great weekend.

Monday, November 10, 2008

An evening at home

Spending time with Daddy

Daddy has been very busy with work lately and hasn't got to spend a lot of quality time with Kellen. So, when he woke up from his nap today, Kellen was very excited to play with him. First we showed off his reindeer hat that Kellen got at the mall this morning. As we were leaving the mall, Santa asked Kellen if he wanted to read a story with him. (Of course Kellen wanted to read a story because Santa had a John Deere tractor book). Then he was able to sit on Santa's lap and tell him all the Thomas the trains he wants for Christmas.

Daddy and Kellen reading together.

After dinner Daddy and Kellen made hot cocoa - Kellen's favorite treat these days. He helped in every part of the process.

More marshmallows.......

Drinking the marshmallows

mmmmm... that's good!!!

Daddy and Kellen enjoying their work

Later, mommy and Kellen made chocolate chip cookies

We all had a very nice evening at home for once (without a pager going off!)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Our little train conductor! All aboard!

Yesterday afternoon, Kellen and Hallie Kate went to the Library's Halloween party. They made spiders, had treats, and trick-or-treated at various stations. Kellen made Hallie Kate's day as he wanted to hold hands with her the WHOLE time!! It's taken him awhile to warm up to that idea, but Hallie Kate was thrilled.

Making spiders

Kellen and Hallie Kate digging through their treat bags.
Trick-or-treat!!! Kellen waiting patiently for Daddy to get home from work.

We took Kellen around the neighborhood and to Daddy's work for some more trick-or-treating. I think Kellen finally got the hang of it towards the end of it all.