Tuesday, February 28, 2012

chuga chuga choo choo

If you know my boys, you obviously know they love trains.  Lately they have been making a "real" train....with the toy totes all lined up...EMPTY toy totes - meaning ALL the totes were dumped out on the ground.

Normally I don't care about the mess as long as they are cleaning it up afterwards.  But these pictures do not give the mess justice.  You see, these totes hold various items of SMALL toys...like a thousand small toys.

I'm not sure who the conductor was here... I think this was a wild train ride.

I walked into their room and they were playing so nicely together I decided to keep from criticizing.  I just sighed deeply, took some pictures, chatted, and told them thank-you for playing nicely together and walked back out hoping the mess fairy would decide to show up.  This was probably the 10th time in two days that they had dumped out all the totes, (I picked up most of it) just because they thought it was funny.  So I had to lay down the law....
I am thankful for their imaginations though!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Riley and Morgan visit

A couple of weeks ago, Aunt Morgan and Riley came to our house for a visit.  It was nice having company during the week!  

I didn't take many pictures, but the boys enjoyed having a baby in the house again.  Kade was especially interested in Riley.  

Any time she fussed Kade would find her paci and holler "bebe! bebe!"  He would attempt to put the paci back in her mouth....he can be a little rough...so Kellen would intervene and show him how to do it properly.

Even though the boys wouldn't hold her, they loved interacting with her.  Maybe it appeased Kellen's wish for having a little sister for awhile!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kade at 19 months

Better late than never big guy...sorry this is so belated...but happy 19 months.

I can't believe how big you are big guy!!  You are starting to say lots of words...I can understand most of what you say but I think you come up with something new everyday.

You and "George" are inseparable.  It's quite sweet but sometimes he's hard to keep up with.  You have figured out that there are duplicates of George.  I will no sooner have a clean back-up packed away in your drawer and then I turn around and you have both.  You like to bite his nose and his antlers (or whatever they are called on a giraffe).  

You are the adventurer and climber.  I really don't trust you..or your judgement at this point in your life.  I do love you sense of adventure but man, you make me worried sometimes!

Even though you are busy you love your mommy and love to sit on my lap and read your Elmo book...or "melmo" as you call him.  You bring me the extra large heavy elmo book and plop down in my lap. I believe I read that book to you 50 times a day.  I love your cuddles big boy.  I hope you never give up your easy ability to love.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Saturday morning entertainment

Saturday mornings are precious to me...especially when we have nowhere to go or nothing important to do.  However, during the cold weather I struggle with keeping the boys busy and entertained.  Other times they think of things on their own and completely entertain themselves.

This particular morning was quite eventful.  Their imaginations were soaring and I loved it.

Keagan and Kade decided they wanted to paint

and Kellen played pirate

Kade was taking his artwork very seriously...don't you just want to eat up that chubby body of his???

After painting, the boys continued their pirate adventures....

can you make out that the top bunk is the ship?

Complete with cannons

the telescope

and captain Jack Sparrow's compass

After they found the treasure Keagan came out wearing a pirate/artist/mommy's shoes outfit....

Kade learned to pull his pants down all by himself....he was quite proud

The boys (and Daddy) are constantly building forts with my couches.  I know it's fun for them....it drives me crazy though sometimes....but I try to relax about the messes they make.  Soon they won't even want to be in the same room with me.  So the couches can be replaced - but the memories will stay with me forever.  

Keagan was pretending he broke his foot

Another morning we set up their tent in the living room.  They LOVE having a tent to play in.  In fact I think we have 3 different types of tents and or tunnels.  They can't get enough

So if you are wondering what we do around here....this is what.  I am trying to enjoy this time....not having a bunch of obligations, sporting events, practices.....all the stuff I know will eventually come.  Happy Saturdays!

Monday, February 6, 2012

French Lick

I was going through pictures and just realized I didn't post any pictures from French Lick.  I don't have many because the night before (Christmas night) my camera completely stopped working.  Sigh.  So these are taken with my i phone.

Our gift from the Slaters this year was a trip to French Lick, IN to the indoor water park.  It's about halfway for all of us to meet up there.

We spent two days and one night and the boys had a great time.  It was great to see everyone! 

Kade is definitely our most adventurous child - especially when it comes to water and climbing.  He could not get enough of it.

The water fountains were of course a big hit

Kade and Keagan both became very independent going down the big slides.  You could tell they were freezing but that wasn't going to stop them!! Kellen was freezing the whole time and I can sympathize with him...he just had to take a break and warm up for awhile.  

We had a great time but were definitely ready to get some good sleep in our own beds. We had been in Springfield for Christmas prior to this trip so we had a full van of presents and tired kids!!

Thank you Nana and Papa for this wonderful get-away and the memories!