Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Boys

Nothing special to report or post, just a few new pictures of the boys hanging out.

Look mom! I'm painting with my elbows!

Kellen doesn't know how to just smile for the camera.
Notice the paint on his shirt and hair - don't worry, it got a whole lot worse before he was done!

Keagan trying out the swing

chillin' out with dad after his bath

tummy time

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Meeting Keagan

This weekend was a busy one to say the least. In just under 48 hours we traveled to Springfield and back to E'ville so we could see family and to introduce Keagan. It is so different to be this far away from family this time around. It made me really miss everyone back home.
We decided to have an "open house" at my mom and dad's so family could stop by and visit and meet Keagan. I'm glad we did because it was FREEZING and very windy outside - so I'm glad that we didn't have to bundle him up and take him a million places.
My cousin Lesley was very generous and thoughtful and prepared a delicious breakfast spread for people to snack on while they were visiting.

I really tried to get pictures of all the cousins, aunts, grandparents.... and so on holding Keagan but I got busy talking and didn't do a very good job. But here are a few...

Cousing Lesley

Great Grandpa and Grandma Gardner

Great Grandad and Grandma Dudley

Great Aunt Kendra

Great Aunt Sheryl

Cousin Gracie

Great Aunt Sharon

Grandad and Grandma Dudley with their three great-grandsons. Kellen was not a happy camper in that picture!

Cousin Olivia and Nathan
Cousin Kaylee
We had a great time seeing everyone!! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Friday, February 20, 2009

1 month old!

My little guy is already a month old and getting bigger every day - literally. I took him to get weighed yesterday and he weighs 10 lbs 11 oz!! So right now he's gaining appox. 2 oz a day. I think I calculated this right: if Keagan keeps this up he'll weigh what Kellen does when he's 6 - 7 months old!!! I think that's crazy!

This weekend we are heading home to see family and to introduce Keagan for the first time. Hopefully I'll get pictures and post them soon!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Nana and Pa weekend

This weekend my parents came to visit and to help me out with Kellen and Keagan while Karsten was on call. They had not seen Keagan since he was a few days old, so much to their surprise he looked very different and had grown quite a bit. He also grew out of his newborn clothes while they were here!

We just hung out Friday night and Saturday Mom and Dad took Kellen to the mall while I stayed at home and napped. (Mom also cooked breakfast and Dinner along with 2 chocolate cream pies and helped me clean) - THANKS MOM!!!

Dad and Kellen on the carousal at the mall with their cheesy smiles.

Messin' around

mmmm - I love this meringue!

Am I suppose to be doing this?

say cheese!!

Nana's big boy

Nana and Pa bought Kellen the Silly Little Monkey book - He loves it

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

We had a great weekend. Thank you Nana and Pa!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Getting Big!

I'm 3 weeks old! Do you have to keep taking my picture?
I'm not sure how much Keagan weighs right now, but I know he's gaining because we have been out of newborn diapers for a week now!! I can't believe he's 3 weeks old - oh how time flies when you're sleep deprived!!!
Lately, Kellen has been wanting to hold Keagan and is usually very kind to him. BUT last night as I was feeding Keagan, Kellen came up to him and decided to see what would happen when he dug his thumb nail into Keagan's scalp! I couldn't believe my eyes - what has happened to my sweet little Kellen? I knew this would happen eventually. Oh well - Keagan will probably be bigger than Kellen in a year and he'll have his pay back.

Anyway, Kellen decided that he was a baby and tried out the bouncy seat - he had the music and vibration turned on as well.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Play group fun

Yesterday, a new friend and her two children, along with the Oldham clan came over for a small play date. I was thankful for the company and I know Kellen had a good time playing as well - even though he had difficulties sharing yesterday. He kept asking about his friends after he woke up from his nap and wanted to see them again - immedietely.

We decorated valentine boxes and made sugar cookies. I think they had fun as did I.

Kellen was mostly interested in the M&Ms - (and of course the icing).

Hopefully there will be many more play dates to come. Even though it was stressful at times (when multiple kids were crying at once), it was worth it.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A touch of spring

I know that the ground hog predicted another 6 weeks of winter, but with 60 degree weather here today, it's hard to believe. We took advantage of the nice day and went outside. Kellen and Karsten played outside for a long time and then we all took a walk around the neighborhood. It felt so good to get outside.

Keagan all bundled up. I wanted to get a picture of Keagan in his bear coat before our walk. He won't be wearing it for much longer!

Earlier today Karsten and Kellen made smoothies. Kellen wanted up on the counter - now you see why...

He did this with no prompting.

mmmmm Good!

Everything is going well here. Kellen is getting more interested in Keagan, but also doesn't miss a chance to prove that he's 2.
Tonight is our first official public outing. We are going to Gatti Town (a buffet and game/arcade place) with all the resident/faculty from Deaconess. I think we'll have a good time.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

2 week weight check

I am proud to report that Keagan weighs 9.1 pounds now! He's growing so fast - I can hardly believe it because Kellen weighed 10 pounds at his 8 week checkup! They are so different. I am anxious to see Keagan's personality develop over the coming weeks.

Tomorrow is my first day alone with both the boys all day. I've been very blessed to have lots of help the past 2 weeks but now it's time to do it myself. I'm starting to wonder - what will I do when both boys are crying? Or when it's time for both of them to eat - who's going to eat first? I guess I'll figure it out. We will survive.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

As you wish

Keagan at 2 weeks old!

Sorry I haven't blogged any new pictures the last few days. I have been taking the chance to sleep in the afternooon when both the boys are sleeping instead of blogging. But here are some more pictures as requested.

Here are some updates.Add Image
Kellen FINALLY has shown some more interest in Keagan. He held him for the first time since being in the hospital.

Kellen and Keagan having fun on the floor. Somehow, Kellen remembers all of his "toys and blankets" that haven't been used in ages. He said this was his blanket.

and his activity gym - even though I just bought it yesterday.
Murphy thinks it is his too! Poor Keagan!!
Thanks to Nana for staying this week with me and helping me keep the house in order and food on our plates! She took Kellen to library this morning and has watched Keagan while I take naps. She has been a HUGE blessing and help.
I feel much much better. I feel like I can now function and take care of my boys!!