Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer time fun

These pictures are from the week of Father's day I think and I'm just now getting caught up!

This was the Oldham's last date night. They are moving this week so our date nights are now over!! :-(

Kellen had recently received his slip n slide and I was anxious to get HK over here to show Kellen how it was done! She definitely showed no fear. I had to post this crazy picture of these two houligans. Kellen's face is as crazy as ever!

Right after dinner Karsten set up the slide and they played hard until bath time. They made so much mud this time around we had to carry them in straight to the tub!

Keagan and Nolan didn't want to get too involved.

They were happy to just observe.

Karsten was pushing HK and Kellen down the slide.

And Kellen FINALLY slid all the way to the bottom on his stomach. He had a major melt down when Karsten pushed him the first time but I think watching HK finally rubbed off on him and he decided it was actually fun!

Sliding through the sharks mouth.

Nolan checking it out.
We had a great evening and the kids played very well together. They were definitely worn out!

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day honey!! I am way behind on this posting but I figured better late than never. At least we got a picture to put down for the records.
Thank you for being the wonderful father you are to our boys. You set such a good example to them and I am so thankful for that. I can't wait to see our boys grow up in your footsteps.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

17 Months

Keagan turned 17 months on Monday and with all the craziness I didn't even realize it! So here are just some random shots over the last couple days.

Karsten found the junior golf club set that we had forgotten about. They are real clubs so they make me a little nervous. I just keep seeing the word "stitches" inside my head. Keagan loves them and has become quite attached to them. Daddy showed him how to really use them the other night but Keagan prefers to use softballs instead.

The boys are not always keen on the slip n slide and I told Karsten the other night we should have gotten a mini pool instead. SO...

mommy got out bowls and cups and other random things they could play with

and Daddy dumped over the sandbox lid and filled her up. Let me tell you they played like this for at least an hour the other night. Carry small amounts of water to and from the "pool" and bowls. Why is it they always like the stuff you already have.

Random shot...Keagan hollering about something.
Dear Keagan,
Another month gone by.....and the last one in which you will be the baby of the family. This is the month you will become a big brother! I can't believe in a few short weeks we will have another boy in this house. I think you will do pretty well. At least I hope so. You have always done really well when I have held Ruby and don't seem jealous at all.
You are the king of fits. You scream and holler so loud I think my eardrums just might burst. I know you are frustrated when you can't voice your opinions and concerns but man oh man!
I love you dearly and can't wait to see what your love for life attitude will bring to this family in the future.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

He earned it!!

Well, Kellen finally earned his slip 'n slide last week. However it's not going well - which I had anticipated. I told my wonderful husband that he should have got the $7.99 slip 'n slide - not the 3D expensive one. BUT we promised Kellen he could pick out whichever one he wanted. Kellen hasn't been down it once by himself....unless you count Karsten throwing him down it! He's a big chicken!

Here are the 3-D goggles. He loves wearing them but it does no good when you don't use them for what they are for!!! :-)

Here's Kellen the first night we got it. Daddy put him on his belly and pushed him so he would know what he was supposed to do....this was the reaction.....
Cry cry cry

We put Keagan down next....he didn't care for it too much either. The water was really cold but at least he didn't pitch a fit like his big brother.

Several nights later it was nice and hot and Daddy got home early from work so we actually set up the 3-D part of the slide.

You are supposed to slide through the sharks mouth with the goggles's actually pretty neat. Then there is a small pool area you land into on the other side.
Kellen did enjoy the end of the slide where all the water collects.

Daddy gave it a whirl...he loved it and you better believe if I didn't have a large protruding belly I would be on it too!!

Keagan loved to play in the water - he just didn't want to slide down it.

I think all we need is for Hallie Kate to come show Kellen how it's done!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


This past weekend Karsten had a four-day-weekend and we took the opportunity to head home one last time before I couldn't travel any longer. Kellen has been begging to go camping probably since about February. I kept trying to explain to him we had to wait until it was warmer out. Finally he got his chance! Mom and Dad took the camper over to New Salem in Petersburg (just about 15 miles away) and set up camp. Kellen was so excited. I think Keagan enjoyed himself too.

Keagan and Pa hanging out while Daddy and Kellen went searching for bugs.

Here are a few shots of Keagan just exploring and wandering around....

Of course Keagan wanted to help find bugs too......Mom had bought a bug box, net, and several other bug catching things for the boys. They loved it.

Kellen showing Nana what he had found so far.

I think Kellen and my dad are starting to look more alike every year. I took Kellen to get his hair cut before we left and the lady went a little happy with the buzzer. His hair is really short. Oh well.

And this picture just does not do poor Kellen justice. The mosquitos were HORRIBLE at the camp site. They ate Kellen and Keagan alive and that was AFTER several applications of bug spray!!
Karsten and I had taken Keagan back to mom and dad's to spend the night and Kellen got to spend the night at the campground. When we came back the next morning mom had warned us that Kellen had a lot of bug bites. I'm not exaggerating...I think I counted between 20-30 just on on his face alone!!! Kellen was miserable and so dad went into town and got him some anti-itch cream and then later I went and got some benadryl. I think he just reacts badly to bug bites. Either way Kellen said he was done camping....we'll see....I can say I can't blame him though!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer time treats

These past couple of weeks have been really hot - especially for the end of May. We have definitely spent a lot of time outside and enjoyed the weather.

Keagan had his first popsicle this week - or should I make that plural......we've gone through about a whole box of them!! It was so funny watching him eat it. He would say oooh and aaah and pretend that it was too cold for his mouth but then didn't want to stop eating it either. By the time he was done I thought he looked like a vampire!

These are pretty good mama!!

We also got out the sprinkler. It's amazing what one year does. When we first bought this sprinkler Kellen was not too fond of it. Now he asks to get it out multiple times a day and just loves getting soaked.

Keagan just wanted to enjoy it from a distance. He watched Kellen very closely and was pretty mad when he pushed him into the sprinkler.

Kellen is enjoying "water activities" so much more than he did last summer so we decided that we needed to get a slip-and-slide. Of course Karsten went straight to Wal-mart that evening to buy one....he called me while he was there and I told him he couldn't buy it! I know I'm so mean! I decided that it was a special treat for Kellen and that he would need to "earn" it. So we made him a chore chart that we thought he would accomplish easily. So far no slip-and-slide. He's only got a few more stickers to earn on his chart but he's at a stand still. When he doesn't want to do a chore he tells me he doesn't want the slip-and-slide. Oh stubborn!! I think Karsten wants it more than Kellen does!! I'll keep you posted....maybe by next weekend we'll have pictures of the slide!