Saturday, February 23, 2013

vacation can wear you out!

Wow! I think this will be my last Disney post. Ya'll have probably seen enough! Plus, I'm getting tired of writing about this.  
Disney (7)
At Animal Kingdom, they have a Dino Land. The boys LOVED digging for dinosaur bones.  

Disney '12 (32)
Lego Land: Need I say more?

Disney '12 (58)
At Hollywood studios they have Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area. I remember going to this the last time I was at Disney.  I thought the bigger-than-life sized objects were so cool.

Disney '12 (162)

At the Tusker House at Animal Kingdom. This was towards the end of our trip and someone was wearing thin....
Vacation is tiring!! Someone in particular was soooo tired but didn't want to admit it. I have proof now!  To give you a little background, we were at Hollywood Studios and had just sat down to watch the car stunt show:  I love this sequence of pictures....
Disney '12 (69)
No MOOOM! I'm not tired.
Disney '12 (66)

Disney '12 (67)
Disney (10)

Hhhmm, Keagan slept through the explosions, the heat you could feel from the explosions, the water being splashed on us, the squealing tires from the stunt cars, the loud name it - he slept through the whole thing!

We had such a good time - I'm ready to go back, but first I need a vacation from my vacation!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cinderella's Castle

One morning at Disney, we had breakfast at Cinderella's Castle.  I remember as a little girl ALWAYS wondering what it was like inside the castle...well, I finally got my wish.  (The boys had a good time too, I think). 
I highly recommend eating at the 8:00 breakfast.  You are allowed into the park before it opens and then after breakfast, you are able to get to the activities before the crowd sets in.  

Disney '12 (120)
All the princesses came for a visit.  The boys got swords and the girls got a wand.  (Keagan is not in any of these pictures...he was too interested in eating breakfast).

Disney '12 (115)
Sleeping Beauty

Disney '12 (113)
Snow White 

Disney '12 (107)
Here is our Menu.  I was impressed with ALL the food, however this was a very nice breakfast. 

Disney '12 (104)
Prior to breakfast, all the families get a picture with Cinderella and also an autograph. They are soooo friendly and great with the kids and ALWAYS in character.

Disney '12 (100)
When you first enter the Castle, the entire walls are covered in mosaic tile with all the different scenes from the story.

Disney '12 (102)
And we can't forget Cinderella's mice...They were hiding way up high on one of the walls.  I tell ya, Disney does not miss a thing!

Disney '12 (95)
I sure miss Kade not being in this picture, but we will make it back with all 3 of them next time.  I just loved being able to have a picture without thousands of people next to it.

***I'm WAAAAY behind - again.  I'm trying to get caught up!!***